Thursday, June 29, 2017

DC#322- "Trying Aquafleur" and something more

This week the DIVA challenged us to use the original ZT tangle "Aquafleur". This tangle was one of the very first I met at the beginning of my tangling life. I am sure you can imagine that I was not really successful at that time... so I lost it from my focus for a long time. Thank you, Laura Harms, for this motivation to try it again... and what an inspiration!
I decided for a (nearly) monotangle, and hat a beautiful time with it. I added some Printemps in graphite and a Florz background.

This tangle I started after I saw a beautful tangle by Rick Roberts in the Zentangle Mosaic App. He was inspired by Emi during the last CZT seminar in Providence.
I do not know the name of the tangle in the upper right side , but I liked it and tried it with a zipper effect ... all the other tangles , Shattuck, Verve, Tipple.... came along when I came in the flow...

Last but not least I would like to show you what Annette (aka Lonetta) sent me last week.
It is a tangle Mosaic which she created out of my three contribution tiles to her Tangle Mosaic Project #8 . If you follow the link you can find the complete mosaic of all contributions. Awesome!!


  1. Gorgeous work as usual. You always present such inspiring art. I love that zipper pattern­čśŹ Your Mosaic pieces for Annette are amazing!

  2. Hallo Simone,
    deine Diva-Kachel finde ich sehr sch├Ân, vor allem das leichte Printemps-Muster innerhalb der Aquafleur! Die zweite Kachel mag ich auch sehr gerne - toller Kombination der Muster und supersch├Ân schattiert :-)
    Annettes Mosaik-Bild mit deinen Kacheln sieht traumhaft aus.
    Liebe Gr├╝├če und ein sch├Ânes Wochenende,

  3. Everything is stunning, as always, Simone! I love the ruffly look of the mosaic, and the great contrast in textures in the "zipper" tile. Your pink aquafleur pearl is so pretty!


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