Sunday, July 31, 2016

Joeys Weekly Challenge#123 and IAST #155

Another circle string challenge this week using the beautiful tangle "Pearly" by German tangler Sandra.
I drew this tile on my knees in the cliffs of Neist Point on our last day on the Isle of Skye.
Still in the cottage, I prepared the string with dying the edge of a wine glass with pink ink and stamping it on the wet tile.

Two days later, on Sunday, 31st of August I drew the tile for Adle Brunos "It`s A String Thing #155", again on my knees sitting on a park bench in the lovely Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish Borders.
What a contrast in scenery, both beautiful and stunning!!
For this challenge we are suggested to use the Tangles Bales, Cadent (both original Zentangle) and
Z-Trik , a new tangle by Yamit Fridman.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DIVA Challenge #277 - Running Round `n Circles

This week`s DIVA Challenge is to create a tile with circles.
As I am still impressed by our visit in the Hill House created and designed by Charles Rennie Macintosh, I tried to draw a tile full of Roses in Macintosh`s style:

Last week I tried another tile with this Rose, see here 

Next week we are going to visit Glasgow where we will see more of Macintoshs art. I am looking forward to it because I love his works so much.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Diva Challenge #276 "MovingTangles"

This week the Diva asked us to create a tile from something moving.

As I am on my holiday trip in Scotland, I am in steady movement....
I started to draw this tile on the ferry from Ijmouden (The Netherlands) to Newcastle (England).
This was still in the week of the last Challenge. But I had to stop drawing after some minutes because I got sea sick.
The tile itself moved from England to Scotland and I took it with me all the time, just in case there is a possibility to tangle a little bit.
Two days ago we had a little congestion on a single track road because of roadworks. It gave me 30minutes time to tangle on my knees while very slow movement..
Later I tangled sitting in the cliffs of Neist Point (Isle of Skye) - the movement was around me in the sea. I had to finish because I preferred to watch a mink whale and some porpoises which appeared suddenly...
At least I finished the tile in my cottage, without any movement...

For me this tile has two meanings:
I drew it on the most peaceful place I can imagine- North West Scotland is my paradise! Only nature around and stunning landscapes. In a time where Europe is in excitement about lots of terror attacks I am full of gratitude to be here.
So it is my reference to the last "Peace" challenge and I am full of hope that peace on earth will not be endangered by these incidents.

Furthermore this tile is full of movement- it shows the movement of the sea and all nature around me.
Almost all of the tangles I used, are waves...

If anyone is interested to read more about my journey to Scotland, here is a link to my blog. I am sorry that the text is only in German, if anyone has a special question please give me a hint.

I ask you for jour understanding that I have not the time to comment all of your lovely works! I will continue when I am back home.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Joeys weekly Tangle Challenge #122

While I spend my holidays on the Isle of Skye (Scotland) I try to find some time for tangling.

The tangle B`twined from Pegi Schargel CZT was new to me and I liked to try some tangelations in my sketchbook. After this I decided to draw this weeks challenge on a Zendala tile, using Joeys circuar string.

And I would like to tell you that we have been lucky enough to watch a mink whale at Neist Point , I have been so excited!   This is such a peaceful place on earth!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Charles Rennie Macintosh

Dieses Jahr verbringen wir unsere Sommerferien in Schottland.
Auf der Fahrt zu unserem Ferienhaus auf der Isle of Skye legten wir einen Zwischenstop in Helensburgh ein, wo wir das "Hill House" besichtigten, welches Charles Rennie Macintosh entworfen und gebaut hat (1904). Macintosh ist ein bedeutender Jugendstil- Künstler aus Glasgow.
Er hat im Hill House auch die Möbel und Innenausstattung designt, daher passt alles ganz wunderbar zusammen. 
Ganz typisch ist die Macintosh- Rose, welche ich für die heutige Kachel verwendet habe. Diese Rose findet sich einfach übrall: an den Wänden, auf Teppichen, Vorhängen, Lampen, Bettdecken...
Ich habe mich sofort in dieses Muster verliebt.
Viele Details in Macintoshs Kunst erinnern mich an Tangles, da sich wunderbare und einfache Muster immer wiederholen.

Falls jemand Interesse hat und mehr über meine Schottlandreise erfahren möchte, kann gern Hier weiterlesen...
This year we spend our summer holiday in Scotland, U.K.
On our journey to our first cottage on the Isle of Skye we had a wonderful break in Helensburgh to visit the Hill House. This house has been designed and built (1904) by Charles Rennie Macintosh , a famous Art Noveau Artist from Glasgow.
I was overwhelmed about the architecture, design, patterns and colours which make this house so beautiful.
Macintosh designed the special pink rose, which I used im my tile today. 
This rose is typical for Macintosh`s artwork. They are on the walls, carpets, curtains, lamps, windows, just everywhere. I immediately fell in love with this pattern. 
Many details of the decorations in the house remind me to tangles, as tere are so many simple and beautiful patterns.

If anyone is interested to read more about my journey to Scotland, here is a link to my blog. I am sorry that the text is only in German, if anyone has a special question please give me a hint.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Muster Mixer #20 - Trimonds und Telis

Diesmal hat uns Anya vor eine aus meiner Sicht schwierige Aufgabe gestellt... Die Muster Trimonds und Telis sollten gemixt werden...
Ich kannte bisher beide Muster noch nicht und musste sie ersteinmal ein bisschen kennenlernen.
Anschließend habe ich meine Kachel begonnen und die Muster angelegt. Danach blieb sie eine Weile liegen, weil ich nicht so recht damit zufrieden war....
Heute ist mir das angefangene Tile wieder in die Hände gefallen und ich habe einfach weitergemacht.  Witzigerweise habe ich inzwischen vergessen, wie die beiden Tangles im Original aussehen... Naja, das ist doch die beste Voraussetzung, einen Mix hinzubekommen, oder ... ?

This time the pattern mixer was not so easy for me. The tangles Trimonds and Telis were absolutely new to me, I first started with some sketches and the begun to draw this tile. Half finished, I put it aside because I was not really happy with it.
Today I found the half finished tile and gave it a chance to get finished. Meanwhile I forgot the original shape of both tangles - what a good condition for e real "Mix"!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Joeys weekly tangle challenge #120

This week Joey presented another circular string and asked us to use the tangle "Girdy"
I have not had enough time to think about and did a rather simple tile without any extra tangles.

Next Tuesday morning we are going on our summer holiday trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland.We are taking the car.
Our first stop is Amsterdam, where we will have some hours to spend, maybe we will visit a museum or take a walk along the beautiful canals in the city.
In the afternoon we will drive to Ijmouden (Netherlands) , where we take the  ferry to Newcastle, where we will arrive the next morning,  Friday.
After seeing some sights along our way to the North we plan to stay over night in Glencoe (Highlands) where we have booked a hotel, and on Saturday we will continue our journey to the Isle of Skye where we have booked a cottage near the north -west coast.
Depending on the weather we plan to take walks in the countryside, the Cuillin Hills and on the rough coast line . I am looking forward so much to this holydays!
Of course I will take some time for tangling and blogging, and I am going to share some holiday impressions with you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

DIVA Challenge #274 "My Country" and some other

This week the DIVA asked to draw a tile inspired by the colours of our countries. For Germany this is black-red-gold. 
What are we Germans proud of? We are Soccer World Champions!  😉 ⚽️  (In Europe we call it Football!)
And these days we are fighting in the Euopean Championship. Tomorrow we are going to play the semi final against France. And of course we will cross the fingers and hope... ;-))
I thought that it will be appropriate to draw a football in the net.

On sunday evening I played a little bit with Rias tangle Paravan in my sketchbook. What a loely tangle with many poibilities.... Here I show you what I did:

And the last tile for today is a "just for fun" tangelation with a wateroloured Mooka...