Thursday, May 25, 2017

DIVA Challenge #317:Photo Tangles and Tangle Mosaic #8

This week`s task of the DIVA Challenge is to combine a photo with tangles.

I spend my holidays in South France and we visited Pont du Gard yesterday. It is the world greatest Aquäduct which has been built by the Romans about 2000 years ago. It was used as a water pipe to the city of Nimes.
This bridge is a stunning building! It goes over the river Gordon, where you can rent a  canoe and explore the bridge from the waterside. As the temperatures are rather high this week (30°C) this 8km canoe tour was fun, indeed!
I think it is a good occasion to show you the beauty of Pont du Gard in the Diva Challenge:
I created two tiles, one tangled in black and one coloured

And here you see a photo of our canoe tour:

During the last days I drew the tiles for Annettes beautiful Mosaic Project, where anybody can take part until May, 31st. This time Annette has created a lovely string which should bee coloured in Green as a symbol of Springtime in May.

These are my contributions to Mosaic Project #8. I am looking forward to seeing the final Mosaic, which Annette will publish in June..

Thursday, May 18, 2017

DC#316 String Theory: Stripes

This week the DIVA challenged us to use stripes as string for a tile.
I combined this with an idea which I had some weeks ago and started to realize this week:
I use tapes as "strings" on my tiles.

For this tile I used white tapes and striped a black tile black/ white. Finally, I drew on the pale tape and on the black area. I need to exercise this some more...

I used the tangles Printemps (ZT), Drogon (Lily Moon), Shattuck (ZT), MySwing (my own) and Munchin (ZT)

I tried the tape technique on a black 3Z tile, and I will continue this series next time:

I am a little delayed with my calendar, I will show you the last days within my next post.
I wish you all a lovely weekend!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Spoken- the New Original Tangle and Preparation for Holidays....

Some days ago the Zentangle Headquarter published a beautiful new tangle with lots of possible variations . I like that tangle very much and tried a tile in my favourite colours:

Some days before our holidays are beginning I went to a shopping center to buy some things.
Some of the clothes were wrapped in tissue paper with wonderful patterns on it.

Last night I tangeled them in my calendar. I do not know yer if I ever go to deconstruct them in Zentangle way and if I am going to draw stepouts, but it was very funny to do that.

Here is the complete calendar page of the last three days:

Monday, May 8, 2017

DC#315 Tangle Study: Molygon

Last weekend the Rick and Maria published another "Kitchen Table Tangle" - Video on the Mosaic App. Molygon is a versatile tangle which opens lots of variations. 
The DIVA challenged us this week to draw a monotangle with Molygon.

I decided to draw a simple, symmetrical tile. This is my result:

In my calendar I tried another very simple Molygon study.
And today Linda Farmer published Trefoil by Judy Okawa on her website.

Last week I drew some Reticula and Fragments in my calendar and gave the new tangle by Zentangle HQ, which has been published in the last newsletter a try.  SPOKEN is lovely ... but it needs some more training ... I am going to draw it again next time.

Last but not least I show you a tile which I drew as a birthday card for my Mom.
I used my own tangles MySwing and Praa in combination with the Roses in C.R. Macintosh style which I love so much. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

IAST#193 For Lily

Two weeks ago our adored Zentangle friend Lily Moon told us in a moving blogpost about her daughter who is sick with cancer and about the difficult timesshe has to cope with her family.
It makes me so sad and angry to read that a mother has to accept such a hard reality and has no chance to help..
The Zentangle community tries to give her the feeling not to be alone and to give her the strength to cope this situation.
Adele Bruno decided to  dedicate the IAST challenge to Lily this week. She created a lovely string with the first letters of Lilys name and proposed to use some of Lilys tangles.
Thank you, Adele, for this beautiful challenge!

I have never written such thoughts in English and I can only hope that I can express my mind sufficiently.

I drew the tile yesterday and during the whole time my thoughts were with Lily. I drew some black as a symbol for the hard times, but more bright rose colour with hearts as a symbol of  Love ❤️

I used Reel,  Drogon and Lily`s Valentine

In my calendar, I started the new month with Reticula and Fragments...
When I think of the first part of this blogpost it is absolutely unimportant ;-(

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

DC#314 - UMT "Scallamps" and Some Delayed Calendar Tangles

Gestern war der erste Montag im Mai, das heißt in der DIVA Challenge ist wieder ein "UMT" dran.
"Use my tangle" bedeutet, dass die DIVA ein Muster aussucht, welches von den Challenge Teilnehmern stammt.
Diesmal fiel die Wahl auf "Scallamps" von Sarah Uram.
Dieses Muster ist absolut neu für mich, aber ich liebe ja solche Herausforderungen. Es hat großen Spaß gemacht!!

Last Monday was the first one in May, so we have another "UMT" Challenge.
This time the DIVA chose "Scallamps" by Sarah Uram.
This tangle was absolutely new to me and I love such challenges... I had a lot of fun tonight with Scallamps. Look:

Außerdem bin ich mit meinen Kalenderbildern arg im Rückstand gewesen, den ich während der letzten Tage aufgeholt habe..
Es sind wieder viele Muster dabei, die neu für mich waren und viel Spaß gemacht haben.
Allerdings merke ich, dass das Kalenderprojekt sehr zeitaufwändig ist. Keine Ahnung, ob ich das über den Sommer durchhalten werde....
Furthermore I have tangeled during the last week some delayed tiles in my calendar. Now I am up to date again...
I tangeled lots of patterns which were new to me and enjoyed it much.
But I realize more and more that the calendar project takes a lot of time.
I am not sure if I can continue it during the summer time...