Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sommer-Sonne- Zentangle und Fußball! Summer-Sun-Zentangle and the FIFA World Cup...

I am so proud to show you a report which has been published in the German Journal "bella (Nr.25)" this week.
The editor of this report has attended a Zentangle Class in January and she was so impressed by Zentangle that she decided to write this report. Thank you!!

Some days ago I contributed to Adele Bruno's IAST Challenge. The theme was Helen William`s tangle "String Grid" - I love it!

Yesterday I read the latest post by the DIVA here on her blog.
I was deeply impressed by her words and I can underline every word she wrote. Thank you Laura, for your brave words and for this post. I am sorry that my English skills do not allow to express my thoughts exactly but I hope you can understand it well.
I also felt sometimes that we have instantly some stress... even when we do our beloved hobby. 
We do not only draw- this is fun! We post and blog and comment each other...
At the beginning ogf my Zentangle Journey I loved to do this every day, but now I realize a lot of "administrative work" around the drawing. 
Even though I love to be a part of the Zentangle family with all the aprreciation I decided to reduce the blogging and commenting to a lover level. I am sorry for that but I hope you all will understand.

I wish you, Laura all the Best. 
You are such a powerful wife, mother , artist .... and sometimes it is to much for one person. I very much appreciate your blog and all your activities around it, the challenge...

Take you time as much as you need! We will miss your weelkly challenge but I will wait patiently until you feel fit for it again. It should not be  "work"...

Today I finished my Zentangle Project Pack#3 tile. I decided to use an Opus tile which is sized 3x3 "normal" tiles.
I am not so very satisfied by the result, but I show it here. I feel it is not complete yet, but I don`t fell like continueing. 

Some days ago I read an article about ecodyeing. I was so interested that I immediately started a first attempt, very easily. Some sheets of Fabriano paper, layered with onion shells, some plant parts and pressed them together. Then I cooked in boiling red tea (fruit tea). Look at the results- arn`t they stunning?! I am sure to play with this method again someday.

This is a real "relaxation" tile: 
Using only Well as a fragment in a rectangular grid... without any tangelations, on a ATC card.

Last not least I attach a little tangle on one of the ecodyed papers:
A tangle, which I dedicate to the match of the German Soccer team which is going to play it`s first match in the Fifa World Cup 2018 this afternoon.
This is my contribution to a successful match ... (hopefully! :-)

This summer is so beutiful this year- the nature shows uns some of it`s perfection:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

DIVA Challenge #365 and something about my Zentangle classes "black" and "3Z"

DIVA Challenge #365

The task of this DIVA challenge was to create a monotangle of Carol Ohl`s tangle PUF.
This is my contribution, drawn on a renasisance Zendala with a wonky grid as basis.

The tiles for thi DIVA Challenges #363 and #364 I first posted and linked on Instagram.
I created the blogpost later, if you are interseted to read more, look at my blogpost here.

The result of Lonettas Tangle Mosaic Project #13 I posted in a separate post here.

Recently I run two Zentangle classes - Black and 3Z.
I am so happy with the results of my students and I saw them so happy that I want to share with you the results.

Zentangle Black Class:

I prepared three diffrent black tiles for this class.
First as a introduction Rick`s tangelation of Crescent Moon:

Second: The tangle Spoken as string for some different areas to fill.
I showed my students how to use the Zenstone and to draw with black again on white,
I showed some possibilities and variations and they filled the areas in their own way. 

The third tile is an Apprentice tile. We discovered the different white Gelly Rolls (05/08/10)

3Z Mosaic Class

I was curious about this class - I never made such a mosaic before.
First we used a prestrung 3Z tile and filled with Striping and Staric in two colours.
As we had six 3Z tiles we could create a hexagon mosaic.

See some variations of the mosaic: 

The second 3Z is a combination of `Nzeppel, Shattuck, Maryhill, Flukes and Mooka , using the blue Micron 01 and the dark blue Micron PN

Here we combined all 12 tiles to Stars:

And this was our third tile with a "Well" string.

When I see this fotos I am still happy rememberig this class- full of positive energy.
Thank you, ladies!!

The beauty of peonies - Die Pracht der Pfingstrosen 

I wish you all a happy new week and a perfect Summer!