Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DC#301 "Paradox meets DIVA Dance", Zentangle calendar, and some other

On their latest Newsletter Rick and Maria introduced a new series of "Kitchen table videos" (Isn't it a great name, sounds so homely...)

In the first video Rick wove Diva Dance into Paradox - I was so impressed that I tried it still the same day! Rick's original was so perfect that it was hard to meet the own expectations :-)

When I saw that the DIVA Challenge this week has exactly the same topic (and refers to the video) I decided to give it another try.
I used a Zendala tile and tried to wave DivaDance as a spiral into Paradox. It worked!! Some things went different as I intended, but honestly: I love the result!

By the way, this was my first try when I saw Ricks video:

I continued to work on my Zentangle calendar.

The last three days I drew "8's" by Jane Eileen Malone  , "WELL (Original Zentangle) and a new tangle by Ria Mattheussen "L'Eaura". She describes on her blog, how she created this wonderful tangle. Isn't it lovely?

Last but not least I created a tile playing a bit with "WELL" and after some weeks without using colour I couls not resist to use a bright red.
It makes good mood and I need it as I have a huge cold and do not feel very WELL  ;-)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

IAST#181, Mosaic project#6 and daily tangles

For IAST #181 Adele chose the tangle "Zen Bud" as string. It should be filled with the tangles "Puf" (by Carole Ohl), "Florz" (Zentangle) and "Pozer" (Beth Snoderly).
This challenge was very interesting for me, as Florz and Puf are grid based tangles and the string was very "curvy". I decided to use a black tile today. The rose colored gelly roll has not the effect as I intended, but that doesn`t matter.
Here is the result:

Yesterday I drew the tile for Annettes TangleMosaicProject#6 - I had a lot of fun with it.
I love it, how Annette prepares strings and instrctions and how she makes lovely mosaics with all contributions. I am looking forward to seeing the final result !

Last not least I show you some new pages of  my tangle calendar 2017.
My decision is to create monotangles of patterns which I have not used yet, every day one.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DC#300 ! "Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day"

Happy Anniversary, dear Laura!!
Your blog with the weekly challenge and your reports about the life with your family , your beautiful boys... is so inspiring and encouraging for me and all of your blog readers! Thank you for that, thank you for your work and sharing your art with us.
I am looking forward to find your blogpost every monday and try not to miss any challenge. My first one was #209 and I counted my contributions up to today: It were 87. So is it possible? I missed only four (5) challenges during almost two years!
You can be very proud of it, and I am, too! 

Thank you as well for your efforts to raise the awareness for the Moebius Syndrom. I read about it one year ago on your blog and I have created another contibution yesterday. 
I drew two 3z tiles and found two different combinations of them which I like both.

I am so sorry that my English is not sufficient enough to express all my feelings, but I hope you will understand what I like to say. (write;-)
I wish you all the best, health and happiness for your family, especially Artoo who is such a brave and sweet boy! 
Love, Simone 

Friday, January 20, 2017

DC#299, IAST#180 and a Weekend in Berlin

Es gibt so viel zu berichten aus den letzten Tagen...
So much to tell you this week.... The last two weeks were busy and very inspiring for me.

1. DIVA challenge #299

Diese Woche sollen wir für die DIVA das neue Zentangle Muster "Drawings" verwenden.
Es gefällt mir sehr gut, habe es aber bisher nur wenig ausprobiert.
Ich habe es mit Printemps ud Coras neuem Muster "Falme" kombiniert.

This week we should draw a tile with the new Zentangle tangle "Drawings"
I love that tangle much, but did not practise it very often.
I combined it with Printemps and "Falme" (by Cora Titz, CZT)

2. IAST #180

Für die IAST Challenge hat Adele Bruno diese Woche drei geradlinige Muster und einen passenden String ausgewählt.
Ich habe mich für eine Renaissance KAchel entschieden, um über die Farben noch eine weitere Dimension zu erhalten.
Die Muster sind Paradox (Rick Roberts), Fassett(Lynn Mead CZT) and Trimonds (Jane Monk CZT).
Ich liebe sie alle ;-)

For IAST Adele Bruno chose some wonderful tangles this week combined with a very graphic string.
I decided to draw a Renaissance tile, just to have some more colour dimensions.
The tangles are Paradox (Rick Roberts), Fassett(Lynn Mead CZT) and Trimonds (Jane Monk CZT).
I love all of them!

3. Berlin, Berlin!!

Vor zwei Wochen habe ich ein wunderbares Wochenende in Berlin verbracht.
Sabrina Stein CZT hat mich gemeinsam mit zwei weiteren CZT "aus der näheren Umgebung" eingeladen (Ja, bei Zentangle Dimensionen liegen Hamburg, Dresden und das Wendland in der Nähe von Berlin ;-). Wir durften an Sabrinas Neujahresempfang für ca. 20 Zentangle begeisterte Ladies teilnehmen.
Sabrina berichte darüber hier auf ihrem Blog 
Wir haben eine kleine Lektion gegeben und dabei ein Tile mit unseren eigenen Mustern erstellen lassen  "Falme" (Cora Titz) , "Metroz" by Anya Ipsen and mein "MySwing".
Die Ergebnisse sind ganz toll!

Two weeks ago I spent a lovely weekend in Berlin. Sabrina Stein CZT invited me and two other German CZT (Cora and Anya) to join her New Years event of Zentangle together with about twenty
Zentangle addicted ladies.Sabrina reported about it on her blog

We gave a little Zentangle class and had lots of fun together.
Cora, Anya and me tought a tile with our own tangles "Falme" (Cora Titz) , "Metroz" by Anya Ipsen and my "MySwing".
The results were stunning!

me in front of the Reichstag in Berlin

from left: Simone (me) , Sabrina (in the front), Anya and Cora
You are such wonderful ladies!!
Thank you so much Sabrina, I will never forget this wonderful weekend!!

4. Todays tangles of the last week

Zum Schluss zeige ich noch ein paar meiner täglichne Tangle der letzten Tage.
Ich habe einen Zentangle KAlender von Carole Ohl bekommen.
Aufgrund der horrenden Gebühren für Versand und Zoll MUSS ich nun täglich liefern ;-)
Und ich musste schon feststellen, dass es recht zeitaufwändig werden wird...
Last not least I would like to show you some daily tangles of the last few days.
I have got a Zentangle calendar by Carol Ohl. Including the costs for shipment and customs it was such expensive, that I have the great challenge to fill it daily;-))
(I did not expect that it would be as time consuming!!!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DC#278: UMT - "Orbs-la-Dee"

I  just had to smile a bit when I read the header of this post: It`s a VERY foreign language ;-)

The new week started with the Diva Challenge and another "UMT" (use my tangle).
This time the Diva decided for "Orbs-La-Dee" from Anneke van Dam.

What a nice tangle, I did not use it yet, but I love it! There are many variations possible... I love that!
That's my result:

Friday, January 6, 2017

IAST #178

What a surprise for me this week:: When I checked the challenge for this week`s IAST I found my tangle MySwing was chosen! What a surprise... I am so excited and I am lookoing forward to see all the contributions to this challenge !
The combination with the two other tangles Zonked (by Barbara Finwall) and Panthe (by Nancy Newlin) is beautiful as the straight lines give a good contrast to the swings.

Thank you so much Adele, for this challenge. I am so proud that you chose MySwing.
Have a great New Year!

Wow, I just found that Adele drew som "Tips for tangling MySwing" on her blog! It is so beautiful... Thank you so much, I LOVE it. And I hope it helps to understand MySwing some more. 
I love the idea with the marble ;-))