Saturday, June 3, 2017

DC318: Diptych, and some of my holiday tangles

What an interesting DIVA Challenge this week!! We should draw a diptych tangle this week!
I saw such tles already on the Zentangle homepage but I did not try one until now.
This is one reason wh I love to take part at EVERY DIVA challenge... there is so much new to explore and to learn what I would never think about...

As basic tangle I used "2V" , a very new one from Linda Farmers page

During my recent holidays, which we spend in South France I have some time to tangle in the evenings or at the beach.
Last week we visited the ancient Pope Palace in Avignon. There I saw .... tangles, tangles...everywhere!! 

One highlight were some floor tiles from the 15th century. I took some photos and drew the patterns of the tiles as fragments in my calendar. Look... all three days are created this way, what a beautiful reminder to my holidays! 

As I have been asked for , I created a stepout for the middle one and called it "AVI" :

Here are some fotos of the original tiles from the palace:

Some more holida tangles and my experiments with the washi tapes youcan read here on my next post


  1. What a wonderful post! I love your Diptych and thank you for sharing all of your holiday inspiration. "Avi" looks like fun. I can't wait to play with it;-)

  2. I love your diptych Simone! I love the hinge and how you carried the lacing through with the pink! Looking forward to trying Avi! Great floor tiles! :)

  3. You are so right. Sometimes I think I might skip a challenge and am always so happy that I didn't. Your Diptych is well done with that nice huge hinge right down the center. Loved hearing about your journeys and that is a great new tangle. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your new patterns, and I'm glad that you didn't skip this challenge. I love the laced hinge on your Diptych. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your journeys with us and also the pictures.

  5. I love your diptych, definitely a lot of hinges to keep the 2 sides from falling apart. Your new pattern is interesting and worth trying out. thank you.

  6. Very nice hinges! loved the palace tiles too.

  7. Oh, I love how the pink ribbons weave through 2V and the line of hinges down the middle. I always enjoy seeing your travel photos. You have such an interesting and creative life!!!


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