Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer Holidays : Beach, Sun and Zentangle ....

This is a blogpost from the "Toppen of Danmark" - North of Jytland, where I spend my holidays with my family in a beautiful cottage while we have the best summer weather you could imagine.

It is a time full of releaxing, walking, cycling, swimming, tangling and watching the games of the FIFA World Cup.

Danmark and Iceland unfortunately already left the competition, but today our hearts are beating for England.
Congratulations to Sweden for reaching the quarter final!
Of course: Dynamo Dresden forever...
This is a tangle on an ecodyed tile, I drew Molygon as a reticulum and filled with some fragments 
My contribution to Adele Bruno`s IAST#249 : Ecodyed tile with Abeko and DivaDance

A beautiful variation to Icanthis is "Icantoo" , presented by Hanny Nura

Some days ago Diana Schreur posted a tangelation of "Eaxy" : Isn`t ist stunning, how different the same tangle can look?

I tangeled this as a frame for any certificate, Zentangle Class vouchers ... Love it!

Last friday I realized, that my tangle "MySwing" is the focus tangle in the Faceboog group "Square One: Purely Zentangle"
I am very proud of it an I am so happy to see all the tangles from various rtists with my pattern. While I stuck a bit in my own version I can see now so many different interpretations- I am so grateful for this experience! My great thank you to  all of you who give MySwing a try! You are beautiful!
This is my MySwing tile this week

tangled on the beach- the waves are leaking it away...
Paradox awaiting the sunset ...

After the sunset ...

I wish all my blog readers a beautiful summer and a relaxing time.
For all who live south the equator .... I assume it is not really as winterly as we are used to in Europe ;-))