Sunday, December 2, 2018

DIVA Challenge #377, Tangle Mosaic Project #15 and my Zentangle Christmas Classes in Dresden

DIVA Challenge #377

For this challenge we should create a Duotangle of  Fengle and Pokeroot.
I decided for a Renaissance tile :    

Tangle Mosaic Project TMP#15

The final post to Annettes TMP you can see here on her TMP-site.
Some details about thus project I wrote in on of my previous posts.

Here is my tile and two mosaics, which Annette created from my own tile. 
Thank you very much, Annette, for your efforts with this beautiful Zentangle Project!

Zentangle Christmas Classes 2018 in Dresden

This Year, I run two Zentangle Christmas Classes as a CZT. 
I started with the preparation already in September, had lots of different ideas, wasted some of them and finally chose one project for the 3 hour´s class and one additional for the 6 hour´s class.

The first one is a white card of Fabriano paper  with two stars, filled with Cassiopeia and Tripoli.
For the embellishment we used Sakura Gelly Rolls in red ("Moonlight") , in gold and transparent (Stardust). 
Additionally we tangled black stars (two 3Z tiles glued together) on both sides so that you can hang them anywhere. We fixed the star at the card- so it is a complete Zentangle Christmas Gift.
My students were very happy with this project and I was happy with all the beautiful results.

Happy and tired after 6 hours of tangling...  Thank you, ladies, it was a lovely day!

 The second project is a black card with a mounted Zendala on it. We made an Auraknot star on each Zendala. We discussed how to color the edge of the Zendala and I proposed to do it in different ways, so the students could choose... So you can see so many different results- and every one is beautiful.
I am glad about such experiences- so I can show the students the variety of possibilities ...

On the black card, outside the Zendala, we created a red ring, filled with golden Shattuck. And under the Zendala we drew an Indyrella Star (which I do LOVE!!, and the students did as well!

the mosaic with the different Zendala edges : black, white, red, gold .... soo lovely!
Finally, I wish my blog readers a beautiful, and happy Christmas season full of joy and fun!
In Germany the Christmas markets are open and we especially enjoy our hot spicy wine called "Glühwein". Do you know it? It´s so yummy!

See you - take care!
See you!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

DIVA Challenge #376 , Annettes TMP#15, the last Inktober tangles and some more stuff

DIVA Challenge #376

Many CZTs from all over the world met in Providence some days ago for "Zen again". (I wish I could be there one day..)
Laura, the DIVA, was one of the participants. The CZTs tangled an interesting string together - if you put 4 (ore more) of them together you get interesting mosaics.
This is this week's challenge.

I drew only one tile with this string and constructed the mosaic with this tile, using PowerPoint.

In September, my dear CZT friends from Berlin (Sabrina) and Hamburg(Anya) visited me in Dresden and we tangled together , using the same string. I wrote about the meeting here.
We used three Original Zentangle tangles Orlique, Vermal and Pinch which are not well known- ask your local CZT if you are interested to learn them! 

Lonettas Tangle Mosaic Project TMP#15

The 15th Tangle Mosaic Project, which is run by my CZT#23 class mate and friend Annette with such beautiful results each single time, has started. More and more tanglers worldwide take part to this mosaic and I am looking forward to the final mosaic of this one. 
Thank you, Annette, for your efforts. I know that it is very time expensive!
This is my contribution:

Inktober tangles Days 26 to 31

without comments ;-)

...and some more stuff...

Some days ago I received a foot from Margaret Bremner, CZT from Canada. She showed me a tile using my tangle MySing in an interesting variation in Hollibaugh style. Look this stunning work : 


Such inspired, I drew my own version . Thank you for your idea , Margaret!

The last two tiles show my first impressions with the new official Zentangle pattern Ratoon. 
It is very versatile - I am looking forward to try more of this tangle....

I am running two Zentangle Christmas classes this year.
I prepared some Christmas cards and tags - the students of the first class have been very successful and we could appreciate a great mosaic of cards and stars, finally.
I will show you something about it in one of my next posts...

Have a nice Sunday. I wish you a joyful start into the Christmas Season.
Love, Simone

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Happy Tangling in Dresden

Last weekend we run two Zentangle classes in Dresden - a basic and an advanced class.
We had a lot of fun together and I am proud of my students and their results.
The motto of the advanced class was Shading and Tangle enhancers.
Embedded Letters are full of tangle enhancers:

Letzte Woche fanden zwei Zentangle Kurse (Basic und Fortschritt) in Dresden bei SimTangle statt.
Irgendwie hat es mir nach der Sommerpause richtig gut getan!

Wir hatten viel Spaß zusammen und ich bin stolz auf die Ergebnisse meiner Schüler.
Das Thema des Fortschrittkurses war Schattierungen und Tangle- Schmuck.
Bei "Embedded Letters" (eingebettete Buchstaben) kommt eine Menge von Tangle-Schmuck zur Anwendung:

These are some shading exercises of the tangles Flukes and Munchin:
Hier ein paar Schattier- Übungen mit Munchin und Flukes:

Shading / highlighting and Tangle enhancers on a renaissance tile:
Schattierungen/ Highlights und Tangleschmuck auf einer Renaissance- Kachel:

The beautiful results of my basic class:
Das sind die wunderbaren Ergebnisse des Basiskurses vom Freitag:

My Sunday tangle using "Poa" (Marion Kreuzweg), MySwing(mine) and HennaDrum (Jane MacKugler), inspired by Anya Ipsen:
Und das war eine Sonntags- Rangelei, inspiriert vom letzten Wochenende mit Anya und Sabrina hier in Dresden.

Friday, September 7, 2018

The DIVA ist back - DC#365 , and much more

DIVA Challenge #365

I was happy to see that the DIVA challenge is back!
The DIVA needed a recreation break and I am sure many of us missed her weekly challenges. 
Sometimes it is good to pause for a while - the better is the restart ;-))

For this week we re challenged to do a tile with the "basic" tangles, in basic style- only black on white tile.
I used Crescent Moon, Shattuck, Hollibaugh (wonky) and Tipple.
For the preparation of my basic classes as a CZT I often draw tiles with only these few basic tangles and I show the students the possibilities to draw lots of different tiles with the same three or four tangles.
Thank you, Laura, for the continuation of your weekly challenge and for this lovely start

 Tangle Mosaic Project #14 

As every time I took part to the 14th Tangle Mosaic Project which is run by Annette (aka Lonetta).
I love this project and I am proud to be part of it. The whole mosaic of all participants you can see here on Annettes Blog. These are my tiles and small mosaics of my tiles, provided by Annette for each participant. Isn't it lovely?

Start in the new Zentangle Class season with SimTangle

Last weekend I opened the new Season of Zentangle Classes in Dresden. It is my second year as CZT. I am proud of the results of the last year and we celebrated it together with students of the last year and new students who are interested to learn Zentangle.

During the event I was accompanied by my lovely CZT friends Sabrina Stein ( and Anya Ipsen (Sutsche Tangeleien). I was so happy to have them here!

    I was surprised by a gift of four ladies who attend many of my classes and who are very loyal students. They tangled a couple of espresso cups and one of them was a gift for me. Can you imagine my pleasure?

During this event we did not only eat, drink, chatter and laugh, but we also made a little Zentangle Mosaic Project with 3Z tiles.

I prepared the strings on the 3Z tiles and a sampler of some fragments. All students tangled a tile and Anya&Sabrina created and framed some mosaics. We raffled them at the end.

CZT Mosaic

The next day we three CZT (Sabrina, Anya and me) had beautiful tangling time together.
We dealt with "hidden tangles" - these are official Zentangle patterns which are not well known.
We created a mosaic of four tile with the tangles Orlique, Vermal and Pinch. This is one version of the mosaic:

Some more tangles - just for fun! 

MySwing (mytangle) with Echoism , Nzeppel and Areal (all Zentangle)

A bijou mono tangle with Tristar (Anya Ipsen)

Variation of Poa (Marion Kreuzweg) with Tripoli (Zentangle)