Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tangling during a hot and dry summer

Some weeks left after our beautiful and relaxing summer holidays.
From this time we had a very unusual dry and hot summer here in Germany and I often had the discussion if this weather is good or bad weather??

Well - as we can not change it we need to cope with the heat and enjoy the warm summer evenings and nights...

I spent some time with the preparation of my next Zentangle classes - I am looking forward to start the new season of teaching Zentangle.
For August, 31th, I plan an opening class with my students- I hope that many of them will follow my invitation.
(Details of the event are published on my website )

Attached I show you some of the "spare time tangles" of the last few weeks:
First of all three pages from my TD calendar:

These are some tangles with the colors of the heat:

A few weeks ago, I found a very simple, but great string technique on a blogpost by Ria Mattheussen.
Thank you, Ria - here is my first try of it:

The next two are exercises, inspired by other anglers who I follow on instagram or facebook.

inspired by "Line Meditation by Ginny Lockhart CZT15"

"Embedded letters" , inspired by Nadine Roller CZT and Melanie Bartsch CZT
This is a little sampler of rectangular fragments - just for fun... need it for my next project.

And last not least this tile which I drew during an open air piano concert near the "Japanisches Palais" in Dresden. The little charming festival is called "Palaissommer". There are lots of activities and concerts, free of charge in a very "cool" atmosphere. On the Foto below you see the Palais, illuminated at night

Japanisches Palais, Dresden, during the "Palaissommer"

and on the opposite the scene of the old city of Dresden at the river Elbe. It is sooo beautiful here!