Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DIVA Challenge #285 , MySwing - a new tangle and tangeled furniture

The challenge of this week is : Relax and tangle on....
I did, without thinking about tangles... I started with 4 pencil dots in the corners of a white Zentangle tile, connected the dots with pencil and drwe a swing line diagonal over the tile. I thought it to be a string and started to add some curvy lines and added more and more swings in each direction.   Sometimes I added an orb ...I was in the flow and loved the result.
After auraing the first pattern I decided to add only straight lines now and it was so relaxing to draw them.

                                                     MySwing, Brella and Skwirl

Later, when I tried to name the tangles I used I could not find one for the tangle in the middle. Is it possible that I accidently created a new tangle?
After searching in several sites without any result I decided to give it my own name and to draw a stepout. So I would like to present you now my tangle "MySwing" .
I hope you enjoy it!
I love the story of its origin - without any intention, just by chance...
May be this is what the DIVA intended to teach us?
(If anybody knows that this tangle already exists- please let me know)

Last but not least I would like to show you the first part of my new "project" - I started to tangle my
Chest of drawers where I store my artist materails as for my Zentangle:
This was the work of the last weekend and took me some hours. Sometimes I will continue...


  1. That is a beautiful tangle! I have not seen it before, but there are so many :) I love the chest you are decorating as well!

  2. The tangling on the chest is beautiful. I think it was not so easy on that material but the result is wonderful.
    I love your tile also, your Swing seems to be upon the other tangles, very nice 3D effect.
    Congratulations with this gorgeous new pattern, I really like it and tomorrow I'm going to make some exercises.

  3. What a wonderful result! Love this and the new tangle that just took place!

  4. Gorgeous tile and I love love love your new pattern;-) Thanks for sharing

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  6. Tolles Ergebnis - das Besondere ist neben "MySwing" der Hauch von Rot auch auf den Schubladen! :-) Gudrun S.

  7. Love your tile and new tangle. The chest of drawers, swoon worthy! Keep showing your progress with it please!

  8. Was für ein wunderbarer Post, liebe Simone! Dein Muster "My Swing" ist einfach fabelhaft und ich muss es unbedingt versuchen! Die Kommode sieht schon jetzt super aus ... bin gespannt auf das Endergebnis!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  9. Delightful tangle, Simone! Thanks for sharing your stepout. I look forward to drawing this curvy beauty! So much movement, wonderful shading and I love the aura.

  10. Truly appreciate your Tangle and I am sure your artist treasure chest will be rich and beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. That chest of drawers!!! How utterly gorgeous!!!

  12. I love the beauty of My Swing! Thank you for sharing it!
    Sharon CZT 13

  13. This is a lovely pattern and your dresser is fabulous!

  14. I'm looking forward to trying your new tangle. Your chest of drawers is very impressive. What did you use for the black and for the shading?

  15. What a lovely tangle! It seems to dance across the paper. Thank you very much for sharing it. I love the tangled chest, as well. It makes me want to paint some furniture, just so I can have the fun of tangling in it.

  16. Hi Simone, ich habe dein Muster gerade entdeckt auf einer tollen Kacheln von Arja. Ich finde es super! Vielleicht unterrichte ich es sogar in meinem Kurs am Samstag. Dann schick ich dir Bilder....

  17. The chest came out gorgeous. Love it.

  18. Zentangle begleitet mich jetzt schon seit einigen Jahren.
    Jetzt beginne ich meine auf diversen Zetteln gesammelten Step Outs auf eigenen Karteikarten zu zeichnen und zu archivieren. Mit diesem wunderschönen Tangle MYSWING habe ich begonnen :)

    vielen Dank für das schöne Muster und viele Grüße aus Berlin,


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