Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DC#305: Duotangle Marasu and Molygon

The task of this week's Diva Challenge is to create a duotangle of the tangles Marasu and Molygon. Both are official Zentangle tangles. I love Marasu much because it has so much depth after shading.

For this tile I tried to connect both tangles a little bit as both of them have a spiral shape . 
Some days before I read a post by Maria Thomas about finishing of the surface with some coating. I used a colourless lacquer in two layers. The result is really stunning, it increases the brightness of the colours and the white charcoal is fixed. Attached you see the tile with the coating and without below.

The recent calendar pages... Goodbye February!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

IAST#185 , some more roses and a new calendar page

 Adele Bruno created a very interesting IAST challenge this week:
Three ribbon tangles should be drawn on a grid shaded string.
"Flec" is a new tangle bei Ragged Ray - very nice! , "Wibble" by Shawna Martin has been published on Linda Farmers website this January (beautiful tangle as well) and Edgar by Jody Genovese was completely new to me.
I drew the tangles as string and connected them with auras.

I am still loving the Roses in C.R. Macintosh style, here a copy of a greeting card for a friend. I could not resist to draw them again...

Here is the latest calendar page, found very nice tangles last week, all new to me...
My own challenge ist to draw only tangles which are new to me in my calendar. Sometimes I add small details of an "old" one, but up to now I am learning a new tangle every day. Great experience!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DC#304 - Another Waybop- challenge

In their last newsletter Zentangle Headquarter published their new tangle "Waybop" . It is a tangle with lots of possibilities and full of surprises! I drew it already for the last IAST challenge . My first intention was to post the same tile here again, but this tangle is so great to draw.
This is my Waybop tile of this week:

And here is the tile of last week again:

This is the recent page of my Zentangle calendar with some new tangles for me:

Sunday, February 19, 2017

IAST #184 Waybop and some calendar tangles

This was the week of Waybop, a new tangle from the Zentangle HQ. I love it very much, it has a lot of potential ! I think ir will become one of my favourite parrerns.
For Adele Bruno's "It's AString Thing" challenge I decided to draw on a Zendala tile as it is a little bigger.

This are two pages of my Zentangle calendar.
This was a time full of Hearts until Valentine's day.... it was relaxing to draw a grid pattern Farling (Deb Eichhorn) the day after Valentine.

An now I am happy with all the other patterns in the Zentangle world... no more hearts ;-) for gthe next time..I explored some beutiful tangles which I did not use before: Reel (Lily Moon), Coil (Sue Jacobs) and Sails (Helen Williams) which has lots of variation possibilities .

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DC#303-Valentangles, IAST#183, Mosaic Project#6,SIRI, Zentangle Calendar

What a lot of issues to talk about today in this post... Hopefully not too boring for you... thank you for visiting my blog and reading about my tangling...

DIVA Challenge #303 - Valentangles

Today is Valentines Day!
Hopefully the last day with Zentangle hearts this year ;-)
But I had a lot of fun drawing heart challenges and heart tangles during the last two weeks.
Enough for now.

This tile I drew as a Valentines gift. The person who received it is worth every single stroke...

I drew two other tiles regarding to Valentines Day. I did not use hearts but roses. I like those tiles a lot, especially the first one:


For her "It`s a String Thing" challenge Adele Bruno chose the theme "Valentines Day" , too.
She gave us a lovely "Amore" string and asked us to draw the tangles Zenith (Zentangle) and Caught by Christine Reyes.
This was my contribution:

Mosaic Project #6 by Annette Plaga Lodde

Last week Annette ("Lonetta") published the results of her 6th Mosaic Project. She prepared a beautiful string for us and she received a lot of beautiful contributions.
HER challenge was now to create a Mosaic of all tiles and she did it. She made such beautiful, stunning Mosaics. 
Here is my own contribution and what she created with only one tile:

And this is ONE of the beautiful Mosaics using all tiles:

You MUST look at them yourselfes - here is a link to her post with all results. 
This is amazing!!

My tangle SIRI has been released on "Tanglepatterns.com" last week!

I could not believe when I realized SIRI on Linda Farmers website last week. 
I drew it only some days before and published it here on my blog. Only some days later I found it published on Lindas website . Can you imagine how happy I was?
The story of SIRI is very nice: I was inspired from Ria Mattheussen`s new tangle Zimba and the pattern SHE was inspired from... (Sounds crazy? It is!)
This is the reason why I called the tangle SIRI (Simone and Ria)
Ria writes such a lovely post about it here on her blog
This is Zimba together with SIRI in perfect harmony:

Last but not least I drew some tangles in my Zentangle Calendar. I publish the pages on this blog on an extra site . Here are the lasttwo pages:
Hearts, of course ...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Blogpost#200 .. DC#302-UMT"Hamadox"..IAST#18... Tangle calendar ..and some more

This is my 200th post on this blog... 

Yippieh...Thank you all for visiting my blog and your lovely comments which I am so grateful for!
I have had a wonderful time for the last two years with Zentangle and with you all here.
I started this blog 2015, March,  and I am not tired yet to continue it...

This is my contribution to Adele Bruno`s "It`s A String Thing"#182:
The tangles we used are "Opus"(Zentangle) , LG and Amore (both by Adele Bruno)
At the Zentangle challenges you can see- we have Februatry... Heart time... (Hard times ;-))

This week the DIVA chose the tangle "Hamadox" by Diana Schreur, which is a great combination of Rick's Paradox and Hamail from Tina Hunziker.
As I was so busy with my pink gelly roll and pink marker last days I decided to keep the tile for the DIVA Challenge very simple and in black/white only. And I chose as basic shape an oval- I was curious haw that would work. It worked well!

In my tangle calendar I drew this week three tangles by Helen Williams (A little lime). Helen created lots of Heart tangles and some days ago posted a new interpretation of the Macintosh Rose which I love so much. She called it "String Rose"
I could not resist to draw it in my calendar today:

Yesterday I made this one, also using "String Rose", in combination with some other patterns:
It seems like I am a little bit pink addicted this week ;-)

This one I drew in the waiting room of a surgery. I was not the only one with a cold and had to wait a little bit. No problem if you have your drawing tools with you!! (I have, everytimes, everywhere...)
(I finished and shaded at home...)

And last not least this is the 31st of January with the beautiful tangle "Abeko":

Friday, February 3, 2017

New tangle "SIRI" inspired by Ria Mattheussen, tangle calendar

In January, I started to use Carol Ohl`s Zentangle calendar and challenged me to draw each day a tangle which is new to me / which I never used yet.
I already reported about this project in previous blogpots.
Among others, I use Linda Farmers website "tanglepatterns.com"  to explore the brand new tangles and most of them I draw immediately.

During the last month I especially like  Spoolies, Puffy 8s, Soluna, Knightspeek, Wibble ... I have them all in my calendar.

The day before yesterday I found the new tangle by Belgian CZT Ria Mattheussen, ZIMBA.
I drew it the same evening  and fell in love with it and with the pattern which inspired Ria for her tangle.

So I played a bit around and tried some variations. At the end I found , that in my opinion I developed a new tangle!! I did not even think about it…

I contacted Ria by E-Mail and showed her my idea. I told her that I would like to name the tangle „SIRI“. This are the first letters of  our names Simone and Ria. 
Ria was excited as well and gave me the courage to draw a stepout of „SIRI“ and to publish it.

Here it is:

And here is the lat page of three days in my calendar , with the first try of Zimba and SIRI, competed today with Gottago by Lianne Woods.