Sunday, July 9, 2017

DC#323-"Home" and some calendar pages

Last week was Canada Day, the 150th. Congratulations!
This inspired the DIVA to this week`s challenge: HOME. She wrote on her blog :

" And while Canada celebrates this BIG birthday, and my American friends celebrate their independence , think about what YOU love about YOUR home" 

I admit, that I needed some days to answer this question for myself and to find an idea how to bring it on a Zentangle tile.
The idea came totally unexpected, when some collegues from our Headquarter (about 700km away) visited our company and we showed them our city of Dresden on Thusday.
That evening I realized, that I am very proud of my City where I lived my whole life.
There are so many beauties in Dresden to show.... but how to tangle????

Another unexpected situation, same evening: When I went home by tram I saw a city plan with the tram lines and suddenly found my idea:

This is a part of the City Map of Dresden with the river ELBE. I used the river, the bridges and the great streets as strings... and had fun with it!


During the last two weeks I was successful to fill my Zentangle calendar regularly.
 found lots of tangles which are new to me.

Today is the birthday of my loved daughter. I drew the roses for you, my dear Linda!


  1. Beautiful art Simone! I love your Dresden piece and what a perfect way to tangle your Home;-) I'm once again awed by your calendar. Your style makes patterns I've passed by in the past, Shine! Thank you for all of the inspiration you share;-)

  2. Very creative and fun way to use the challenge! I am so enjoying hearing about where people live and what home means to them!

  3. Hallo Simone, wirklich eine tolle Idee einen Kartenausschnitt von Dresden zu tanglen. Gefällt mir richtig gut. Und mit deinen Kalenderblättern scheinst du ja auch wieder ran zu sein. Da sind wirklich einige wunderschöne neue Muster dabei.
    LG Tina

  4. Now and than I like to take a look on the Internet, wow Simone, you can draw really every tangle in a wonderful way, I love your calendar and your Diva's tile is very original.

  5. I love that idea using your city plan and the tile turned out beautifully!


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