Thursday, June 30, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #119 - For Sina

When I saw this challenge on Monday I decided not to take part this week because I could not imagine how I should draw the tangle "Gnarly". I do not know it yet and I was not in the mood to give it a try.
Then I saw what you all tanglers made with Gnarly and I was motivated to give it a try...

But then something unexpected happened:
Yesterday our cat Sina died. She has been living with our family for 14 years and was a part of our family.
Lately she was very weak and refused to eat anymore.
It was very emotional for all of us and we weren`t able to hold back the tears.
Last night, after we buried her, I was at home and remembered Joeys Challenge. She wrote that the string looks like a cat`s eye.
And then I begun to draw, adapted the string a little bit, and drew one of Sinas eyes with Gnarly around which remind me of tears.

I drew that for you, Sina.
Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

DIVA Challenge #273 - Tangle Remix

This week the DIVA asked us to go through our "old" tiles and to remix one to give it a new shape.

I found one which I did not finish yet because I did not like it. I started with some gold leaf and added some tangles with a silver pen.
Today I decided to give this tile a new chance and drew on it with a white gel pen, started to rework on the silver part (which was too heavy and too grey for my opinion) and finished with white tangles in the upper area.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #118 - Maryhill

Diese Woche präsentiert uns Joey einen weiteren kreisförmigen String und die Aufgabe ist, das Tangle Maryhill zu zeichnen, allerdings NICHT im inneren Kreis.
Wer meinen Blog verfolgt, weiß dass ich ein bisschen fußballverrückt bin.
Während ich dieses Tile zeichne, spielt die deutsche Fußball Nationalmannshaft gerade im EM Achtelfinale. Daher habe ich auf schwarzem Untergund gezeichnet und mit dem Goldstift begonnen.
Eigentlich war das Tile schon fertig und eingesannt, als das 3:0 fiel - mein Tipp!! Daher habe ich spontan noch etwas Rot ergänzt, um die deutschen Farben zu komplettieren 😊

Joey presented another circular string and the challenge is to draw the tangle Maryhill, but NOT in the inner circle.
Who is following my blog, knows that I am enthisiastic soccer fan.
While I am tangling this tile the German Soccer Team is fightinig in the European Championship to get in the Quarter Final. This is the reason why I tangle on a black tile and drew the string in gold. I finished the tile and scanned it.
Just in this moment they scored the 3:0 (my bet!!) and I decided to add a little red to accomplish the German colors 😄.
                                                          The tile before the 3:0

After 3:0 , the final result 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Opus tile for DIVA Challenge #272: Black, White and Red

At the beginning of this week I started to draw my first Opus tile (27X27cm, original Zentangle).
I begun without a special target but at the end I decided that it would fit to this week´s DIVA Challenge and I added a little more red...
Working on an Original Opus tile is a very special thing because the a material is so fine - it is just amazing.
I used some of my favourite tangles, such as DIVA Dance and `Nzeppel , Dex and Mooka, Flux, Kiasom, Florz and some others...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #117

The second circular string of this series - three smaller circles in a great one....
I used a tile which I prepared with the  Hefty Hack Technique which the DIVA introduced on her blog. The great of the circles I created with dying a glass edge with a tombow marker and stamping it on the wet surface of the tile.... Interesting....
As tangle on this tile Joey proposed to use "Socc" - what a good idea, as we in Europe deal with the   European Soccer Chamionship these weeks.... ;-))
Soccer is very popular in Europe and it is a big event for most of us. Tonight Germany is playing against Poland- the fight starts in 10 minutes.. So I need to finish now..
Cross the fingers and hope....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DIVA Challenge #271 "Beads of Courage" / new tangle "Keepsake"

New attachment below...

What a great challenge! Thank you, Laura, for telling us the story behind the Beads of courage. I did not know it before but I am so impressed about the braveness of the many children who have to cope with several challenges and hard expereinces in their lifes. I love the idea of the beads and I can see how proud they are worn.

When I read the challenge I immediately had to think of my flight home from the CZT seminar 23 last April.
We had a 4hours stop in Charlotte and spent the time walking through the airport shops, had a Pizza, a glass of wine, some sweets.... In one of the nice jewelry shops I saw a necklace and fell in love with it. Some of the segments look like tangles!!  Yes, it was a bit expensive, but after thinking a while I decided to by it as a reminder to my trip to Providence and to my own courage to realize this dream.
And it works!
I think this is worth to show you my necklace and the tile I made of it for this challenge

After finishing this tangle and this blogpost to the challenge I still played a little bit with the pattern of my beads, and realized, that it really could be a new tangle. I deconstructed it, drew a stepout and I am full of  gratitude to have got the confidence to present it as my new tangle. I found the name "Keepsake" which matches perfect for me.
"Beads of courage" became  a new meaning to me: I am couraged to show my new tangle here on this post.

I hope you like it and maybe someone is going to try it:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Joeys weekly tangle challenge #116 - Flux

After finishing the wonderful, inspiring Roman Numeral String Challenge Joey offered a new series of challenges- with circular strings. Another good idea!
The first string is great- I loved it immediately!
We should use Flux and I decided to use both versions by Rick and Maria. I finished with one single Bunzo😀
Thank you Joey, for an afternoon full of joy and fun!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Muster Mixer #19 : Kuke und Knot Rickz

(English version see below...)
Für die neunzehnte Auflage ihres monatlichen Muster Mixers hat Anya Lothrop diemal die Muster Kuke und Knot Rickz ausgewählt.
Schon bei den ersten Versuchen im Skizzenbuch wurde klar, dass es eine intressante Aufgabe wird.
Da die Grundmuster kreisförmig (Kuke) und quadratisch (Knot Rickz) sind, hatte ich die Idee, des Mix in einem Raster aus Kreisen und den zwischen den Keisen entstehenden Vierecken zu gestalten.
(Bestimmt hat das Raster einen Namen, aber sorry, ich kenne ihn nicht)
Begonnen habe ich mit der schwarz weißen Variante, habe diese aber recht schnell wieder abgebrochen, da ich noch weitere Ideen hatte, für die es aber auf der weißen Kachel schon zu spät war.
Also habe ich ein zweites Tile , diesmal ein Renaissance-Tile, begonnen.
Als dieses fertig war, hatte ich so viel Freude damit, dass ich auch noch das erste fertiggestellt habe.
Beide basieren auf der gleichen Idee, sind aber doch reltiv unterschiedlich geworden. 
.... Mir selbst gefallen alle beide, die Renaissance Kachel ist vielleicht ertwas interessanter.

For the 19th Pattern Mixer Challenge Anya Lothrop chose the patterns Kuke and Knot Rikz.
Alreay during the first sktches I realized that this will be an interesting challenge.
As the basic patterns are a circle (Kuke) and a square (Knot Rickz) I decided to use a grid of circles and squares (Does this grid have a special name? I don`t know).
I started with a white tile, realized that I wanted to change some details and started again, on a Renaissnce tile. After finishing this I was so pleased with the patterns that I finished the white tile, too. 
Both have the same basis grid but the results are really different. I like them both! May be the Renaissance tile is a bit more interesting.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

DIVA Challenge #270 - Skye by Margaret Bremner

This is my third challenge using Margret Bremners new tangle "Skye"
When I saw this tangle first I immediately was excited and tried to draw it- and I realized that it is not  so easy to draw it perfectly.
Nevertheless, I love the possibilities for many variations.
For this challenge I started to sketch the tangle on my tile and made a"mistake" (yes, I know... No mistakes but opportunities...) . The result was a Skye variation (Sorry for the inaccuracies- it became dark on my balcony during my tangling but I could not interrupt..;-)

Of course I tangeled my first intended tile again the next day with the real "Skye":

And here is a link to my Skye tile for Adele Brunos IAST Challenge :