Saturday, February 27, 2016

It`s A String Thing #133

This week I have a perfect weekend!!
My husband and me started on thursday afternoon on a short holiday trip to the Baltic Sea for three days.
We are in a wonderful hotel, the weather is fantastic (sunny, cold, not so windy) and the peninsula "Darß" has a beautiful, natural beach for long walks and sometimes a small piece of raw.
Today afternoon we were in the beach sauna, about 100m from the waterline and after the hot sauna we could jump into in the Sea which had 2°C!!
Just relaxing and perfect.
Of course I have some tangle tiles and sone pens with me, so I had a little "spare time" and drew the tile for Adele Brunos IAST#133.
I am not sooo satisfied with the result (I miss my white pencil for shading the black parts...) but it is perfect ro remember this fantastic weekend.
PS - Sunday afternoon: Back at home I added a little white and scanned the tile. The quality is much better than the foto which I took yesterday in the hotel. Am I a perfectionist ? ;-)
String #133, Patterns : Fife, Yincut, Flukes

Yesterday we have been watching the sunset from the roof terrace of our hotel ;-)

The west coast of the Darß Peninsula

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DIVA Challenge #256 - Duotangle Boo*Kee and Artoo

This week the DIVA is very busy because she has to care for her little boys who are sick.
Every time when I read the posts on Lauras Blog I am so impressed how she is managing her family - with such a lot of love and courage.
Nevertheless, we all can be sure that Laura will not disappoint all the tanglers who are looking forward to the next weekly challenge.
For me this is an opportunity to say: Thank you, Laura, and I admire your efforts and your power!

My thoughts have been with your boys when I drew this tile tonight. I wish them both "get well soon!!"
This is my contribution to DC #256 with the patterns Boo*Kee and Artoo
Both tangles are new to me, and I love them both!

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #101

Joey started this week a challenge with strings of the Roman Numerals. Of course strarting with number one.
The patterns she proposed are CLE , DILLO and FLEAVY - very nice patterns, indeed.
Thank you , Joey, for another interesting challenge!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It`s A String Thing #132

This week I have been very busy, and had only little time for tangling.
So I started to draw the IAST Challenge only at Sunday. Hopefully not to late forAdele to implement it into her post with the other tiles.

The tangles of this week are rather different. I like DILLO very much and had already tried it in my sketch book after receiving the post from Linda Farmers blog.
Tri-Bine is a geometric pattern which reminds me to the floor tiles of ancient cathedrals, for instance in Siena (Italy) or in the old Norman Cathedrals in England. That`s why I love this pattern, too.
Tattle is new to me. Nice filler...

String #132 fits very well to this patterns.
This is my result:

Look, what I received last week! CZT Seminar #23 coming soon! Less than two month!!
I am so excited!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

DIVA Challenge #255 - Ghosts of Tangles Past

This week I am very busy and do not have much time for tangling.
But this week`s task from the DIVA was so interesting that I spent the first half of this night for the challenge. ;-)) Tomorrow I will be a little tired...

I started with Zentangle drawing in January, 2015.
At this time I drew mostly on 15x15cm tiles (I did not realize the standard tile size of 9x9 yet...)
I chose a tile from February, 2015 for the comparison with today.

This is the result.  
Interesting for me that I like both, even if the newer one has some more details and shading  

Februry, 18th, 2016 (today): 

February, 7th, 2015 (one year ago)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #100

Congratulations with the 100th weekly challenge, dear Joey!
You can be proud to maintain this challenge for such a long time with steady new ideas.

This is my first participation at your challenge, but I have already been watching it for a while...
This was so funny to invite Bijou into your challenge - so I tried to catch the snail... ;-))
I wish you lots of good ideas for the next 100 challenges and many contributions!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

It`s A String Thing #131 Another Heart Tile....

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.
So we had to deal this week with hearts once more.
This week my intention was to draw on a black tile and let the hearts glow...., but on the original black Zentangle tiles it is not so easy to get the black underground covered with the pens.
So I had to draw each string up to 5 times and it was impossible to get some filigrane drawing.
But- ths is Zentangle- no mistakes, only experiences...
I like "Amore" very much and I am sure that I will use it again sometime.

This is my contribution to IAST #131:
                                     String 039, patterns: Heartstrings, Amore, Knightsbridge

Monday, February 8, 2016

DIVA Challenge #254 "Valentangle"

The DIVA Challenge this week is dedicated to Valentines Day - the DIVA gave it the fantasic title "Valentangle"
My contibution to IAST last week, which I posted only two days ago, does perfect match to this theme, so I decided to use it for the DC#254 as well:

String #150 with two hearts, tangles: Luv-A, Join and Heartbox

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Muster Mixer #15 - FUNGEES / EDDYPER

(English translation see below the tile)
Es ist inzwischen so, dass mir an Tagen, an denen ich nicht getangelt habe, etwas fehlt.
Die Wochen gliedern sich nach DIVA Challenge, Adele Brunos "It`s a String Thing"- Challenge und meiner mir selbst gestellten "String Challenge".
Einmal im Monat kommt Anya Lothrops Muster Mixer dazu.
Und ich freue mich schon in Voraus auf die neuen Themen.
Zwischendurch probiere ich immer mal wieder neue Muster aus.
Also - damit bin ich wirklich ausgelastet!! Ich schaffe garnicht alles, was ich gern ausprobieren möchte. (Übrigens, ich habe einen 40Stunden Job, eine Familie und einen Vertrag im Fitnessstudio)

Es macht auch nach einem Jahr einen Riesenspaß und erdet mich dermaßen, dass ich mich dabei auch noch entspant und wohl fühle. Wenn ich dann auch noch mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden bin, macht es mich richtig glücklich!
So ist es auch diesmal bei Anyas Muster Mixer #15.

Die Aufgabe im Februar besteht darin, die Muster "FUNGEES" und "EDDYPER" zu mixen. Beim ersten Betrachten dachte ich, den einzigen naheliegenden Mix hat Anya schon gezeichnet - was nun?
Nachdem ich eine Woche lang gedanklich gemixt habe, kann ich euch heute solz mein erstes selbst entworfenes Zendala vorstellen!
Meanwhile I feel something missing on days without tangling!
Every week starts with the DIVA Challenge, followed by Adele Bruno`s "It`s A String Thing" Challenge and my own (private)"String Challenge".
Once a month comes Anya Lothrops "Muster Mixer" (Pattern Mixer).
And I am always looking forward to the next tasks.
In the meantime I try new patterns or new variations.

So, I am "fully occupied" with Zentangle (besides: I have a 40hours per week job..., a family and a contract in a gym ;-))
Also after one year tangling I have a lot of fun with it. I feel so good when I am tangling, so relaxed and positive! Sometimes, when I am really satisfied with the result at the end I am realy happy!
So it is today after finishing Anyas "Muster Mixer"#15.

We should mix the tangles "FUNGEES" and "EDDYPER". First I did not know, what to draw, the only obvious mix was. Already drawn by Anya herself!
But after one week thinking about it I today proudly present my first self constructed Zendala tile!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

It`s a String Thing #130 - Hearts again

Last week I wrote that I do not love to draw hearts very much... BUT
This week I had such a lot of fun with the ISAT challenge- so lovely heart tangles!
Heart Box is my favourite this week.
Now I am looking forward to the next and I am curious which tangles Adele chooses next;-)

This is my contribution to IAST #130 (and DIVA Challenge #254)

                                          String #150 , tangles: Luv-A, Join and Heartbox

Friday, February 5, 2016

DIVA Challenge #253 - Molygon

Molygon is a new official Zentangle tangle by Maria Thomas.
I love it very much because of it`s simplicity and high variety.

This week I decided for a floral tile with colour and some hearts:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tangle-Mosaik - Ein gemeinschaftliches Projekt

Ich bin sehr froh und stolz, dass ich am ersten Projekt von Annette P. (aka LonettA) teilnehmen durfte. Sie hatte eine tolle Idee:

Verschiedene Tangler zeichnen zwei Versionen eines vorgegebenen Strings und Annette setzt diese dann zu einem Mosaik zusammen.

Das erste Ergebnis mit vier verschiedenen Zuarbeiten hat Annette hier auf ihrem Blog veröffentlicht.
Jetzt werden weitere Teilnehmer für eine Erweiterung des Mosaiks gesucht.

Danke, liebe Annette, für die Idee und die tolle Umsetzung. Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit dem weiteren Projekt und viele wunderbare Zusendungen. Ich bin überzeugt, dass es ein toller Erfolg wird!
I am very happy and proud to be one of the first participants of  the new "tangle mosaic project" by Annette P. (aka LonettA)
The idea is that many several tanglers draw two versions of a given string and Annette joines them digitally in a big mosaic.
The first result with four several participants has been published by Annette Here on her blog  .
Now she is asking for more participants to enlarge this mosaic.
I love this idea and hope that many tanglers will send their works to Annette. I am convinced that this project will be very successful! Good luck!

Hier seht Ihr meinen eigenen Beitrag zum Mosaik und diesen auch schonmal als kleines Mosaik zusammengesetzt:
This was my contribution to the project and a 4tiles ans 16tiles mosaic from my own tiles:
Single tiles :

Mosaic 4 tiles

Mosaic 16 tiles