Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Diva Challenge #261 - Stacked Bijou Challenge

This week the DIVA Challenge was created by Guest Blogger Jane Reiter, CZT.
She had the brilliant idea to stack some tangeled tiles.
When I saw her contribution and the first tiles from the other participants I was so impressed about all the fantastic ideas and I was a bit cowed...
My first idea was to try something asymmetric. I started with a bijou centerpiece with "Cassiopeia" and drew a "spider web" over all tiles. Then came the flow.... Look- this is the result.

There are several possibilities to stack the tiles, this is the first one,

But these stacks are also worth to try...

Thank you, Jane Reiter, for this very intresting challenge!

Time is running.... Only 10 days left until I start my journey to Providence! 
You can not imagine how excited I am.... 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

It`s A String Thing #137

This week´s IAST challenge, within the Easter week, comes with an egg shaped string.

It is already Easter Sunday evening in Germany, I have just finished my tile for this challenge.
I had some nice days with my family and friends and tomorrow we will have another holiday which we will spend in the rocks of "Saxon Swizerland" which is a wondrful place to relax on walking tours in beuatiful landscape.

Here is my contibution to IAST#137 with the tangles Zenith, Warped Eggs and MelMel.
I had lots of fun with it.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Joeys weekly challenge #106 "High five"

Happy Easter everybody!
First I would like to send you my Easter Greetings

And this is my tile for Joeys Challenge with Roman Numeral V:
I love the "high five" string and the patterns Puf and Coil and I must admit that Pais will not become my favourite...but I tried...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DIVA Challenge #260 - Monotangle Shattuck

This week`s the DIVA challenged us to draw a monotangle with the pattern Shattuck.
 Another very intresting task!
I started to play with Shattuck in my sketchbook and after a while I decided that this would be my contribution this week, because I like it , anyway...
I WISH YOU ALL HAPPY EASTER! Hopefully we will have some days with Spring weather for recreation!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LonettA`s Tangle Mosaik #2

Letzte Woche hat Annette (LonettA) eine neue String-Vorlage für ein neues Tangle- Mosaik veröffentlicht.
Falls jemand das Projekt noch nicht kennt, hier ist ein Link auf Annettes Post:

Die Ergebnisse des ersten Mosaiks waren überraschend und beeindruckend, so habe ich mich schon sehr auf die zweite Auflage dieses Projektes gefreut.
Hier ist mein Tile, ich bin sehr gespannt auf das Endergebnis!
Last Week Annette (Lonetta) published the string for a new Tangle mosaic.
Just in case, that anyone does not know this project yet... Here is a  Link to her post.

The mosaic results of the first project have been stunning , so I have been looking forward to the second edition.
Here is my contribution, I am corious about the final mosaic!

Monday, March 14, 2016

DIVA Challenge #259 - Touch of Irish

This week`s DIVA Challenge is dedicated to St Patrics Day and we have to bring a touch of Irish into our tiles.
Some years ago, when I did not know anything about Zentangle I was several times in Ireland for holidays. As I love patterns as long I can remember, I bought a book "The treasury of celtic knots".

I was absolutely thrilled about the "Book of Kells" , which has been hand written and drawn by celtic monks about 1200 years ago.  We could see in the Library of the Trinity College in Dublin. The celtic signs, knots and drawings are simply amazing.

This is why I decided to draw a celtic knot for this challenge - because I have lots of wonderful memories to my stays in this beautiful country- surely we will come back one day...

The knot I can be seen in Original in Glendalough, one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Joeys weekly challenge #103

It is not my best one, but I finished it an why not share?
I have been tangling white  easter eggs this wekend and after that I started to draw the tile for this challenge. May be it was a bit too much, so it is more a sketch than a tangle...
The string of the week is Roman Numeral III, patterns are Buttercup, Fescu, Tipple

Easter eggs!

Jedes Jahr mache ich ein paar Ostereier für meine Osterdeko selbst.
So hat sich im Laufe der Jahre einiges angesammelt (und einiges wurde auch wieder entsorgt;-)
Dieses Jahr wolte ich einmal versuchen, die Eier mit Zentangle- Mustern zu gestalten.

Gestern habe ich drei Eier gemacht, die ich lieben Freunden schenke. Ich bin recht zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis dieser "Prototypen" besonders gefällt mir das mit DIVA Dance, obwohl die Tautropfen darauf nicht so wirkich gelungen sind.
Auch das InAPod Ei ist ganz schön geworden...
Every year I make some Easter eggs for home decoration.
This year I had the idea to tangle someeggs with Zentangle patterns.

So I started to tangle some eggs yesterday as a gift for good friends.
One of them , with DIVA Dance , is my favourite, only the dew drop on it is not so as I wanted it to be.

Heute habe ich noch diese beiden Eier betangelt, eins mit N`zeppel und eins mit Tri-Bine.
Es macht zwar ein bisschen Arbeit, aber das Ergebnis gefällt mir schon gut...
Today I continued and made these , one with `Nzeppel and the other one with Tri-Bine.
While it is a bit time consuming the result is not so bad..

Hier möchte ich euch noch ein paar Eier aus meiner Zeit vor Zentangle zeigen.
Diese wurden zunächst in einzelne Farbbäder getaucht und anschließend wurden an den Farbübergängen Linien mit Edding gezeichnet. Irgendwie schon unbewusst "Zentangle inspiriert"
And here I show you some of the eggs from my time "before Zentangle":
They have been dyed in several colour bathes first and finished with edding strings at he edges of the colours. Already Zentangle inspired, isn`t it?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

DC#258- Rautyflex - Second

I am so impressed by the tangle "Rautyflex" by Kathrin Bendel, that I tried another variation today.
I`m in love with Rautyflex!
I combined it with one fragment of my own new tangle "NamoDy" (if anybody is intrested, see Here)

IAST#135 "Lucky"

This week Adele Bruno reminded us that there is St. Patrics Day soon.
We should use her string "St. Patrics Day" in combination with her pattern "Lucky"

I drew the tile, added some green in the backgound and suddenly I had a remembrance:

One year ago, I took part at my very first Zentangle Challenge.
It was the DIVA Challenge anticipating St. Patrics Day (Link to this post Here)

How curious: both tiles are so similar....

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DIVA Challenge #258 - UMT "Rautyflex"

This week the DIVA asked us to use a new tangle by German CZT Kathrin Bendel.
I was surprised and happy when I read it this morning, because I got to know her yesterday during a Facebook chat.
Kathrins new tangle is beautiful and really complex!
I had to try some scetches to understand how it works. I like it when it is not so simple and when I get it, anyway.
When I see how many variations are possible I am not really sure if I really caught it- probably I will try some other tangelations.

Thank you both, DIVA and Kathrin, for an interesting challenge !
This is my monotangle with Rautyflex:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My New Own Tangle "NAMODY"

Heute habe ich meine erstes eigenes Tangle Muster zu Papier gebracht.
Erste Ideen schlummern seit einiger Zeit in meinem Skizzenbuch, heute habe ich das StepOut entwickelt und ein Tile mit Varitionen gezeichnet.
Ich nenne das Muster NAMODY - ich widme es meiner Lieblings- Fußballmannschaft, die durch konstant Klasse- Leistungen in dieser Saison den Aufstieg immer greifbarer macht.
Was für eine Motivation!

Ich bin stolz und glücklich mit dem Ergebnis:

Today I tangeled my first own tangle pattern.
First ideas I have in my sketchbook already for a while. Today I developed the step out and drew a tile with some variations.
The name of my tangle is NAMODY - dedicated to my favourite soccer team which is likely moving up into the higher league because of its amazing performance this season.
What a motivation!

I am proud and happy with the result:

This is the step out for NAMODY.

I would be glad if you like it. Should anybody try this tangle I would be happy to see the result.
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn euch dieses Muster gefällt. Falls es einer ausprobiert würde ich mich freuen, das Ergebnis zu sehen.

DC #257 - Oooh shiny ! (SimTangle Post #100)

Happy sunday, everyone!

This is my post #100 on this blog an I am still happy to have this amazing hobby of Zentangle.
I take this as an opportunity to thank all of you who are visiting my blog and giving me such lovely comments.

DIVA Challenge #257 was created by Guest blogger Amy Broady. She challenged us to make our tangled work shine, including something metallic.
What an interesting challenge! thank you, dear Amy!

The most precious metal is gold and so I thought it were well fitting to my 100th post to use some real gold for this tile. I took a 15x15 cm sheet of paper and added a leaf gold rectangle in the centre and some gold spots around.
Then I started tangling without any plan before. Then came the folw...
Finally, I like it.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Joeys weekly challenge #102

At the end of another very busy week at least I finished this tile tonight.
This is the first tangle work this week...

String: Roman Number II

Patterns: Japonica, Hi C`s , Flux