Saturday, May 28, 2016

Joeys weekly challenge 114: XIVString

This weeks string is the Roman Numeral XIV
the used patterns are Shattuck, Barber Pole, Bunzo, Cadent, Papyrus and Cheese Cloth

Friday, May 27, 2016

DIVA Challenge #269 - Ellish

Ellish is a new original Zentangle pattern, which Rick and Maria introduced during the CZT seminars in April. During the seminar we drew it the first time with Marias original explanations.

Thank you, DIVA for this challenge - for me a wonderful chance to remember that wonderful days in Providence!

This is a swarm of Ellishs I tried in two different versions yesterday and today

This tile I drew in April, just back at home from the seminar.  This is one of my favourties.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Its a String Thing #145 - Skye and Antidots

For the IAST challenge 145 Adele Bruno chose the nee tangle "Skye" by Margaret Bremner in combination with "Antidots" by Anita Roby-Lavery. This is my second tile with Skye this week...I love this tangle!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Joeys weekly Challenge #113 ....XIII

In the series of Roman Numeral strings we use Number 13 this week.
THIRTEEN!!! This number does usually not really exist! No hotel room with number 13, no row no.13 in an airplane.... But I decided that 13 is a lucky number for me.

Last week I was really very busy, but today I have a very relaxing afternoon, sitting on my balcony, it is sunny and warm and I have the time to tangle.... This is my little happiness.

For the "low thirteen" string Joey chose these tangles:
Garlic cloves , Verdigogh, Ipso, Chemystery and Cruffle.
I could not imagine how these tangles will work together...but they do!
Thank you, Joey, for this interesting Challenge!

This is my composition of these tangles in the XIII string:

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Zentangle Journal

English version see below... ___________________________________________________________

Zu Beginn unserer CZT Ausbildung in Providence erhielten alle Teilnehmer ihr persönliches Zentangle Journal.
Jedes Buch enthielt ein von Maria Thomas handgezeichnetes Namenskärtchen. Das ist schon etwas besonderes!
Zunächst wollte ich mir dieses Buch für einen besonderen Anlass aufheben.
Jedoch habe ich schnell entschieden, dass nichts Besseres geeignet ist, als die Seminar- Notizen , Gedanken und Tiles in diesem Journal zu verewigen.
Wieder zu Hause habe ich begonnen, es weiter zu vervollständigen, habe ein paar Erinnerungsfotos eingeklebt und das Cover gestaltet.

Im Anschluss werde ich nach und nach alle Original Zentangle Muster im Bijou- Format (5x5cm) in dieses Buch zeichnen. Grundlage dafür bilden die Step Outs der CZT- Zenthology, die wir im Seminar bekommen haben.

Ich werde wohl noch lange damit beschäftigt sein, das Journal weiter zu gestalten. Dabei werde ich immer an die wunderbare Zeit des CZT Seminars #23 im April 2016 erinnert - das ist doch fantastisch!
At the beginning of our CZT seminar in Providence all participants received their own, peersonal Zentangle Journal with their name inside, handwritten by Maria Thomas.

The book is so special that I first wanted to keep it for a special occasion. But what is more special than the seminar notes, thoughts, tiles and fotos?

When I came back home I started to create the cover and to accomplish the journal with drawings, fotos etc.

In the second part of the book I decided to draw my own collection of all original Zentangle patterns in Bijou size on the basis of the step outs of the CZT Zenthology, which we received during the seminar.

I am sure that it will take still a long time to complete this journal. But every time I have it in my hands, I remember to a wonderful time at CZT seminar #23 in April, 2016. This is fantastic.

Hier schon einmal ein paar Eindrücke, wie das ganze aussieht:
Here I show you how it looks like:

1. Cover (von mir betangelt, tangeled by myself)   

2. Handgezeichnetes Namenskärtchen und ein Foto mit Rick und Maria
    hand written name plate and a foto with Rick , Maria, Annette and Anya)

3. Beispiele aus dem Inhalt
    some examples from the content

4. Mein CZT- Zertifikat -     my CZT certificate

4. So gestalte ich meine persönliche Zenthology:
    this is how I create my own Zenthology

DIVA Challenge #268 - A bit-o-black

Last weekend I saw Margaret Bremner`s new tangle "Skye" on her blog and was fascinated by it. So I  tried to draw it today. First it was a bit tricky but then I realized how it works....
I started to tangle on a 15x15 cm white watercolour paper, just for fun.... When I decided the tile to be finished I found the new DIVA Challenge. 
The task is to use some more black than normally. I decided to use my tile which I just finished and to add some more black. And I realized that this was a good decision. 
Thank you, Laura, for this interesting experience!


This was the first attempt , without the black addition:
What a difference!

Friday, May 13, 2016

DIVA Challenge #267 - Duotangle Drupe and Pokeroot

This week the Diva asked us to create a duotangle, a combination and tangelation of two tangles. This is always very interesting , so it was today for me

The combination of Drupe and Pokeroot was challenging, with lots of fun

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Muster Mixer#18

Diesmal hat sich Anya Lothrop wieder ein interessantes Thema für ihren Muster Mixer ausgedacht:
Auraknot und Paradox sollten miteinander gemixt werden.
Hier meine Idee zur Umsetzung dieser Aufgabe. Es ist recht simpel und schlicht geworden, aber ich glaube, weniger ist hier besser als zu viel...

Anya Lothrop has created a very interesting challenge for the new Muster Mixer ? We should combine and mix the tangles Auraknot and Paradox. This is the result of my very first idea...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

DIVA Challenge #266 - UMT - Crux by Henrike Bratz

"Use My Tangle" is the motto of the first monday of the month- this time we should use "Crux" by Hendrike Bratz.
I did not know this tangle before, but I like it very much - there are so many variations possible!
I love grid tangles, and sometimes I love to play al little freestyle with them (This is my fight against my perfectionism ;-)) And I thought that a renaissance tile would be a good choice because there is another dimension with the white and brown colours.
This is the result of an interesting challenge:

I wish you all a nice week and a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Joeys weekly challenge #110 - Roman Numeral X

Late, but still sunday evening, I finished my tile for Joey`s weekly challenge . This week the string is roman Numeral X.
I used all tangles which we should...: Wedge, Thicking, Snookums, Diva Dance and Showgirl.
After a very busy week and weekend I had a lot of fun tonight.
I already missed my pens, the tiles, the tangling....