Sunday, November 15, 2015

Zendala Dare #116

It is not easy to post  results of our hobby on this blog while we  see and hear about the terrible terroristic attacks in Paris. My thoughts and my heart are in Paris - with all the people who grieve for the victims. Rest in peace!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Eine Frage der Perspektive - A Matter of Perspective

Hello everyone, this post is without a Zentangle tile, but related to one...
Two weeks ago we had DIVA Challenge # 241   with Guest Blogger Paula Bramante which was dealing with Cairns.
I was looking in the Web for Cairns and I was surprised about the variety and beauty of different Cairns - I was fascinated by this issue.
Last Saturday we were on a walk on the "Kahleberg" (905m), and my  husband had the idea to build a cairn. We constructed a small arc, and from the right perspective it looks really huge!

It is like real life: a matter of the perspective!!
Hallo alle miteinander, heute mal kein Zentangle, aber doch in dem Zusammenhang:
Wir hatten vor zwei Wochen eine DIVA Challenge 241 von Gast Bloggerin Paula Bramante, bei der es um Steintürme ("Cairns") ging.
Als ich danach googelte, war ich fasziniert, was es da so alles gibt. Und als wir am Sonntag auf dem Kahleberg im Osterzgebirge (905m) waren, hatte mein Mann die Idee, einmal selbst so etwas zu bauen. Es wurde ein kleiner Bogen, aber aus der richtigen Perspektive sieht er doch beeindruckend aus, oder?

Es ist eben, wie immer im Leben, alles eine Frage der Perspektive!

Monday, November 9, 2015

DIVA Challenge #243 "Just a Tiny Taste"

Another very interesting challenge by the DIVA this week... Just a tiny taste.
I decided to use "Maryhill", white on black, and not to forget my little touch of pink.

AND: Today I decided to use this challenge to tell you my amazing news: 
I have signed in CZT seminar #23!!!! And I will share this adventure together with other lovely ladies from Germany!! I am looking forward so much to meet the Zentangle Community and to be a part of them.
I would like to thank you all so much for your lovely and encouraging comments to my tiles. This gave me the confidence and the power to take this decision- I am sure this will have a great impact to my life!
Sometimes I can`t believe that it is true... I am so excited and can`t wait until April!
There is no CZT in my region of Germany yet- I hope to make it a little more popular in Saxony.

Wieder eine sehr interessante Aufgabe von der DIVA... Nur eine winzige Kostprobe..
Ich wollte schon lange etwas mit Maryhill machen. Mit Weiß auf schwarzem Untergrund und mit einem Hauch Pink....
Heute möchte ich euch auch eine für mich sehr wichtige Neuigkeit mitteilen:
Ich habe mich für das CZT Seminar 23 angemeldet!! Ich werde gemeinsam mit weiteren lieben Tanglerinnen aus Deutschland dieses Abenteuer teilen und freue mich riesig darauf!
Bei der Gelegenheit möchte ich mich bei euch allen für die netten und ermutigenden Kommentare zu meinen Posts bedanken. Diese haben mir das Selbstvertrauen gegeben, diesen Schritt zu wagen!
In meiner Gegend gibt es bisher noch keinen einzigen CZT. Ich hoffe, dass ich damit dieses wunderbare Hobby in Sachsen etwas bekannter machen kann.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zendala Dare #115 -THANKS

Thank you , dear Erin, for another wonderful Zendala template!

This weeks added challenge is to only use tangles that start with the letters THANKS.
I decided for Tulipe , Arukas, Kozy and Shattuck.

This is my result:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It´s a String Thing #117 - SAND

Adele Bruno asked us to use her new tangle "Sand" for this week´s challenge.
I love this pattern and I love the string this week!!

I wish Adele a wonderful and happy weekend!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

DIVA Challenge #242 "Gordgeous" - DYNAMO!!

This week`s challenge the DIVA asked us to report about our Halloween day and create a tile using the new official tangle "Gordgeous" by Rick and Maria.

I must admit that I have not had a Halloween party, but that day we had another GORGEOUS party in my home town Dresden where we have a traditional soccer team "Dynamo Dresden".
This team has the best supporters which you can imagine. We are playing in the third league and have average 27.000 supporters each match!
We had a match on saturday with an overwhelming choreography of the supporters (30.000 people had a huge banner over their heads all over the stadium!) , our team won 3:2 and it was a phantastic party.

Image result for dynamo dresden blockfahne magdeburg
The colors of Dynamo are yellow and black and when I read the challenge I decided to dedicate this challenge to my team. That´s why the pumpkin in the foreground looks a little like a ball... ;-))