Monday, April 15, 2019

New tangle "TULIPA" just before the Easter Holidays

(Hint from March, 2020: New Stepout and more examples can be found here)

Last Friday I run a Zentangle - masterclass "organic patterns" in Dresden
I prepared three several tiles for my students to draw and I was curious about the results. During the preparation I realized that organic patterns are different to teach than graphic ones. There are much less "rules" to follow and every student can get in the flow of its own creativity.

I was blown away when I saw the results! All ten students gave me the feedback that they liked this process and I was happy that they were happy ;-)

This one was the first tile: I decided for an Easter greeting card with Easter eggs (a variation of "Jetties") Flux and Mooka as grass where the eggs hide away, and some tulips in the center.

We colored the eggs and the tulips with watercolor pencils and a water tank brush.

The next day I posted these tiles on Instagram and received lots of positive comments and even some drawings of Easter cards with the tulips!
Especially Anya Ipsen, my classmate and friend from my CZT#23. in Providence, sent me two lovely tiles with small variations (the little swing at the open bulbs) which are so lovely that I asked her if I might use it for my tangle TULIPA.
She agreed. Thank you, Anya, for this lovely idea!

And this is the step out for TULIPA.
I realized, that I have never seen a similar tangle, it is very simple but I love the possibility of variations. You can draw small bulbs , still closed, as well as tulips which are already open...
You can tangle them in natural style (like above) and as a fragment which reminds me to Art Deco.
I am going to play around with tulips during my Easter holidays, but I wanted to show you this patterns with my best wishes for a Happy Easter to you all! 

This are the other two tiles from my class :
A very organic one with Poa (Marion Kreuzweg), Henna Drum (Jane Mac Kugler) and MySwing (mine).
I am so sorry that I cut the tile below.... but I do not have another foot, unfortunately.

The third tile is a Zendala with Ruutz (Eni Oken) and Crazy 'Nzeppel. We tried to find some flowers in the center....and we did!

Thank you for stopping by, have fun with TULIPA and Happy Easter!


  1. I love the tiles you taught to your class. The use of detail lines throughout is really clever - particularly in those first tiles between the Mooka.

  2. Very nice classwork and I love your new pattern Tulipa. I'm glad to make the challenge for Adele with your Tulipa, my Javik and the wonderful Mooka!
    Frölisches Ostern!!!

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