Sunday, August 28, 2016

Muster Mixer #21 D-vine & Ennies

Im Monat August hat und Anya Lothrop mit ihrem Muster Mixer wieder vor eine spannende Aufgabe gestellt.
Die Muster D-vine und Ennies sollten gemixt werden, nach Anyas strengen Regeln also kein Duotangle sondern ein echter Mix.
Da die beiden Muster recht ähnlich sind, habe ich fast einen Monat lang keine Idee gehabt, wie ich es anfangen soll.
Und dann habe ich am letzten möglichen Sonntag des Monats eben einfach angefangen. Und dann mixte es sich irgendwie von alleine. In Flow sozusagen.
Wieder eine tolle Erfahrung- man sollte eben nicht immer so viel drüber nachdenken;-)

What an interesting challenge Anya Lothrop gave us for the August: She prompted us to mix the tangles D-vine and Ennies.
As the tangles are a bit similar I did not have any idea how to mix them for the whole month.
Today, at the last sunday of August I just begun to draw and then the tangles have mixed unexpectedly, and there was a real flow...
What a good experience: Don`t think too much ... ;-))

Ich habe in einem meiner Einträge vom Juli von unserem Urlaub und der Begegnung mit der Jugendstilkunst von Charles R. Macintosh berichtet. Er hat es mir einfach angetan.
Seitdem habe ich versucht, die Schrift im Stil von Macintosh zu üben und beschrifte mein Skizzenbuch nur noch in dieser Schriftart. Auch die Rückseite des heutigen Tiles habe ich so beschriftet. Mir gefällt dieser Stil einfach so sehr.

I one of my posts in July I told about our visit in the Hill House, where we could see the works of the Art Nouveau artist Charles R. Macintosh.
I was so thrilled by his designs that I decided to learn hand lettering in Macintosh`s style.
From this time I use this letters in my sketchbook, on cards and also on the backside of the Muster mixer tile. I LOVE this style: 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

DIVA Challenge #281 Tangle Study -ING

This week the Diva sets the focus on the Original Zentangle tangle "ING" , which is tought in the CZT seminars by Molly Hollibaugh.
I love this tangle, but used it seldom. This is my study:

Friday, August 26, 2016

IAST #159 and a lovely ZIA stone

The last three weeks after my summer holidays I have been very busy and so I did not have many time for tangling. I am very glad that it is friday afternoon and I am awaiting a (hopefully) relaxing weekend with some time to realize some of my ideas and to draw some tiles.
For more than one week I have not drawn anything and so I was very motivated and begun my weekend with Adele Brunos IAST challenge.
Adeles string is fantastic as well as the tangles she chose : Printemps (original Zentangle), Partay (Margaret Bremner) and Palrevo (Karry Heun)

Some weeks ago I tangeled on a grey stone which I found at the Welsh coast where I  have been some years ago.
The stone has some plain white  texture which appears like a natural string. I love the result. I took the stone to my office and put it on my desk in front of my computer - so I have a reminder to beautiful holidays and to my beloved hobby when I look at it: 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #126

What a nice idea! Inspired by the actual trend of the Travelling Tiles this week Joey  started a challenge series "Finish my tile"
She started with a white tile and some Paradox:

I decided to finish this tile as a Monotangle, playing with Paradox:

I am looking forward to see all the other contributions and the different possibilities to complete Joeys tile 😄

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DIVA Challenge #280 - The Olympic Games in Rio

This week`s DIVA Challenge is dedicated to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero.
I thought it would be a sign of joy, peace and communication between all mankind when Christo Redentor,  the landmark of Rio, is playing with the Olympic Rings.

I wish you all successful, peaceful and fair games for your athletes!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Last Minute Post for Joeys Challenge #125

It is late Sunday evening and last minute I finished a quick tangle for Joeys weekly challenge.
I loved the circle strings very much and did not want to miss the last one!

Thank you, Joey, for this lovely strings, I am curious what you challenge us during the following weeks....

This week`s tangle was "Oof" . It is an original Zentangle tangle ;-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My First Travelling Tile

Wow- this is so much fun!
I LOVE the idea of travelling tiles and I am glad to share with you my first co-operation tile.
The beautiful tangle-lady Ria Mattheusen (CZT) sent me this tile, a Zendala started with Watercolour and the tangles Jetties and Diva Dance.

This tile is so lovely that I was a bit anxious to spoil it. So I admit, that I first started with a copy and tangeled on this copy. I liked the result and repeated it similarly on the original tile.
My new experience is that the first idea is the best, anyway ;-)
I added the tangles `Nzeppel Random , Verve, Arukas, Printemps, Poke Leaf and one which I don`t know the name (on the right).
This tile is the finished original Zendala tile:

Thank you very much, dear Ria, for this wonderful experience and for your beautiful paperwork- card!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DIVA Challenge #279 : Duotangle Meer vs. Auraknot

Thi week the DIVA challenged us to create a duotangle with "Meer" and "Auraknot". I love both tangles, but did not draw them for a while. So I had an occasion to do it now.

When I thought about how to combine both tangles I remembered last week, when I had a starfish on my fishing rod. Isn`t that very similar?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The weekly challenges.... Goodbye Scotland!

Just now our Ferry is leaving the port of Newcastle, our holidays are over now...It was so beutiful in Scotland- I will miss it very much!
I documented this wonderful CountryHere on my travelling Blog

I had the time to finish the tile for Joeys Challenge #124 and to draw the tile for the Diva Challenge #278 here onboard, waiting for the start.
This are my tiles

Joeys weekly tangle challenge #124,

Circle  String #9, tangle "Gra-vee"

Weekly Challenge #278: "UMT - Knightstar by Daniel Lamothe, CZT"  

Thursday, August 4, 2016

IAST #156 - Happy Third Anniversary!

For the third Anniversary of "It`s a String Thing" weekly challenge Adele Bruno created a string with three candles and proposed to use the tangles "O" by herself, "Onomato" and "Opus" (both original Zentangle) and "Orbs La Dee" by Anneke van Dam.
What a beautiful choice of tangles!
I would like to thank you, Adele, for this wonderful challenge, for your lovely blog, the  powerful "Wednesday Words of Wisdom" and all your efforts to comment each single tile which you receive by E-mail.
I am glad to be a part of this Zentangle family- I really feel home with you all!

Congratulations to the third year- this is my present to you: