Friday, April 23, 2021

My new tangle - SIROS - and  a reminder to the beautiful Mackintosh Roses

It's almost one year ago that I wrote my last blogpost.

For me blogging is really too time consuming and I share my work mostly on Instagram (SimTangle_czt)

Today I decided to publish a new tangle and to post it also here on my blog.

Many of you know, that I love Art Deco (Art Nouveau, Jugendstil...). I posted several times about my experiences in Glasgow and around exploring the beautiful work of C.R. Mackintosh. 

This inspired me to draw the Mackintosh Roses, which I draw from time to time, which are drawn similarly to the tangle "String Rose" by Helen Williams. I start with the outline and draw the strings into the middle.

Here is an example of the Macintosh roses on a black Zendala - one of my latest works. I will draw it together with my students tomorrow during my next online class:

Some days ago I saw a photo on Instagram with a beautiful art nouveau detail by Dorka @magicofmoment_s 

and I knew immediately that I would like to give it a Zentangle look.

After a few sketches I found a good and (for my opinion) simple way to deconstruct it and to create this tangle. It reminds to a flower, may be a rose . So I named it SIROS ....

The tangle can be drawn with and without the stem, but for me the thorned stem fits very well to a rose. It can also be drawn behind the bulb in Hollibaugh fashion - so that it does not need to have a special direction..

I posted the step out today on Instagram and in a Facebook group, received lots of likes and saw already 4 tiles with beautiful SIROSes. 

Thank you so much! 

SIROS can be started not only with a Pentagram, also with hexagon an even wit ha circle!

I wish you all a lot of fun with SIROS and look forward to seeing them soon!

Stay safe and keep tangling.

Best, Simone

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