Wednesday, March 28, 2018

DC#357-Paradox, Lonettas TMP#12, Lonettas new tangle Hilgabo and more ice!!

This week I have lots of pictures to show in my post.
First - the DIVA Challenge. The DIVA asked us to create a monotangle of Rick´s Paradox. This is one of my most favorite tangles (this tangle catched my eyes some more than three years ago before I bacame Zentangel addicted..). It is stunningly easy to draw but with such great AAAAHHHH effects ;-). There are loads of possibilites to draw it and to play with Paradox. 
I decided for "fragment tangling" : I drew Paradox as a string for my monotangle:

Monotangle Paradox
Paradox string
Another project of my heart is Lonettas Mosaic Project. She started the 12th  project with this lovely string and gave it the motto : "Blaze of Color"
This is my contribution to TMP#12. I am looking forward to the final Mosaic, which will be published by Annette mid of April.

TMP#12 : Blaze of Color
Last friday I run another Basic Zentangle Class in Dresden. It was my first class with my new technical equipment: A document camera and a projector. I am very happy with this new equipment because I do not need to draw at an easel which was rather difficult sometimes. It is much more fun to draw on real tiles ;-) 

My Zentangle classroom in Dresden last friday... well prepared for a basic lesson..

This zendala tile I started some weeks ago with the coors and the Verve tangle. Then I got stuck with it until I discovered "Dublin" by Chris Titus some day ago. I love Dublin (the City as well ;-)... some later I saw Annettes brand new tangle "Hilgabo" (on the left). I saw it on her blog and immediately liked it. So I found a great completion for this Zendala. Thank you, Chris and Annette!!!

Hilgabo (left) / Verve(middle) / Dublin (right)

Last but not least I show you some photos from our walk last sunday in the "Liebethaler Grund" near Dresden.
The first pictures are taken in an old ruin of a small waterpower station which worked about 100 years ago in this small valley. There are some metallic residues visible vessels with flanges and some screws. The floor is covered with white tiles (!!). And the nature comes back into this ruin and covers alle these things. What a contrast and beautiful motives:

iron screw covered with moss

screw and eyelet under the new plants

iron pipe with flange, look at the floor tiles under the leaves!

Some kilometers later we found another waterpower plant with a small aqueduct.The strong frost during the last weeks created such beautiful icicles and icefalls around the aqueduct- we felt like in the "Lord of the Rings" saga ;-)
I love these little surprises which the nature creates...

I wish all of my blog readers very Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

DC#356 "Name String" and some

This week the DIVA challenged us to use our name as a string on our tile.
I used my favourite C.R.Macintosh font and tangeled some flowers around: Spiral Rose and String Rose by Helen Williams and my own MySpin; some Printemps in the background.
And two pink dots- my signature ;-)

Some days ago I drew a tile which has been inspired by Melinda Barlows YouTube video.
I love the tangle "Shell Xcape" by Jane Keslin and combined it with some spring colors ( unless the temperatures still seem like winter)

Some days before Annette Plaga Lodde started her next Zentangle Mosaic. If you would like to attend: here is the link

Last not least, I drew another Verve tile for DC#355 from last week.
For my last Zentangle class I tried lots of variatons with watercolour frames- this is why I am in my "color phase"

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thank you for DC#354, DC#355"Verve" and my first Zentangle Workshop

Last week for me was a very special one: The DIVA chose my tangle SIRI for the UMT (use my tangle) challenge.
I felt so happy, when I saw all the beautiful contributions to the challenge - I realized that SIRI might be a bit complex to understand for the very first time, but, nevertheless, every tile with SIRI is a great honour for me.
I would like to say a big THANK YOU ALL!! You made me very happy!
And I found a lot of inspiration for my tangle - how cool is that?

This week the DIVA challenged os to draw a tile with the tangle "Verve" by JJ LaBarbera.
Verve is one of my favourite tangles, so I started immediately on the first tile I had on my desk...
It was a tile which I dyed with an Ecoline Watercolor edge in green - doesn`t it look like a first touch of Spring? The perfs are coloured with Prismacolor pencils.

My first Zentangle day workshop last Saturday

... was a new and great experience for me.
I spent a lot of time with preparation , choosing the tiles, techniques, tangles... It should be interesting and amazing for the class, I wanted to teach a little string theory, organiic tangles and drama tangles, grid based tangles and "crazy" ones, the Renaissance techniques, a bit of color and a lot of tangelation.

I was rather happy with my programme and the students were also.
Look at the beautiful results.
I am impressed, that every tile is so beautiful abd so different.
Wow - I LOVE to be a CZT (even if it is only one day a month...)

Morning coffee before the workshop ;-)

Organic tangles (Flux, Poke Leaf, Poke root) with drama Striping
every student created their own string

tangelations of BALES on Renaissance tiles

Crazy Huggins with Shattuck or so... on Renaissance tiles. Printemps as background

Bijou tile with HURRY and some coloured tangelation 

Coloured tiles (Ecoline watercolor) with a tangelation of Arukas

Indeed, we needed the 6 hours to create these tiles (with some little sketches between).
All participants were happy that afternoon ;-) and me too!
I am sure - I will do it again.

On Sunday we walked in the Saxon Swizerland near Dresden. The temperatures felt like spring, about 13°Celsius. But we could see the residues of the winter days - beautiful frozen waterfalls and icicles on the rocks- just beautiful nature:

behind the ice ;-)

Monday, March 5, 2018

DIVA Challenge #354 „use MY tangle SIRI“

Wow... I am so excited! This morning I got a message by a friend who wrote „You are at the DIVA Challenge this week!“
I could not believe that the DIVA really chose one of my tangles for her „UMT“ (use my tangle) challenge. Each first Monday of a month she chooses one of our tangles for her challenge. I am very grateful to have the chance to see many tiles with my tangle.
I hope that you will have fun with SIRI.  (Here is the link to DC#354)
I drew a tile tonight with SIRI as border tangle. I combined it in a Duotangle with Crazy `Nzeppel which I drew with a grey pen.

I am just preparing a Zentangle Workshop for next Saturday where I am going to introduce some color and so I did some experiments with Ecoline water-color. This tile is one of them. I am looking forward to this workshop and hope that my students will have fun!

But first of all I am looking forward to seeing all your tiles . Thank you for giving  SIRI a try!

Friday, March 2, 2018

DIVA Challenge #353 - Heart Zendala

Welcome to March! 
The days are much brighter than one or two month ago and the sun has already a lot of power.
But during the last week we had between -15 and -8 °Celsius here in Germany - bitterly cold!  Unfortunately without any snow... but with some sunny days. 

After missing the last DIVA Challenge I took me some time today to draw a "Heart Zendala" for DC#353. I am not a big heart tangle enthusiast, but I had the idea to try a heart shape using Margaret Bremners tangle "Dansk". I was not really sure if it would be successful, but I am really happy with the result:

I did not tangle so much during the last weeks, so I have only little new tangles to show furthermore.
Here some drawings:

Spiral Rose by Helen Williams ("A little lime")

"Wholly Hollibaugh"

Playing with border tangles on 3Z tiles in preparatin of a 3Z Mosaic class

I had a beautiful Basic Zentangle class with incredible students a week ago. Their enthusiasm and gratefulness were so inspiring for me and spent me a lot of energy for the daily business. I don`t want to bore you with the basic tiles, but look the little Bijou- Phicops.... Aren't they cute?

Yesterday I run a Zentangle creative evening in a local book store in my home town for some Zentangle newbies. I created special tiles which are not the classic basic tiles and it was again inspiring to see the very first tiles grow and look what a beautiful mosaic they created: