Thursday, December 26, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Its been a long time ago that I have had published my last blogpost.

The second half of 2019 was rather hard and busy for me. Besides of my Zentangle classes I did not have a lot of time for tangling- just for fun.
Nevertheless I have some amazing photos to show you today.
I am going to start with my Christmas tiles, as today is the last Christmas holiday.
I hope you all have had a very good. time and enjoyed some good food and drinks and meeting your family and friends.

These are my experiences of the Zentangle Christmas Classes in Dresden.
I had so many students that I needed three separate classes!
This pictures show the prepared material sets for all 27 students:

Look at the great results- I am absolutely proud of my students:

Christmas Cards with black Bijou tiles at the edges which hold a tangled relaxation tile

Relaxagon tiles with TINT by Henrike Bratz and Verdigogh by Zentangle.

Stars of Fabriano Pergamo paper - double sided tangling 
3D stars made of Fabriano Pergamon paper - double sided tangling

Don`t they look happy?

Some days before Christmas I made some Christmas cards for my friends. 
I started with dying of Yupo paper with alcohol inks by "Octopusfluids" from my hometown Dresden.
I am going to write a special post bout these brilliant colors.
I scanned the dyed paper and printed it on artist inkjet paper, wirer I tangled this card: