Friday, March 2, 2018

DIVA Challenge #353 - Heart Zendala

Welcome to March! 
The days are much brighter than one or two month ago and the sun has already a lot of power.
But during the last week we had between -15 and -8 °Celsius here in Germany - bitterly cold!  Unfortunately without any snow... but with some sunny days. 

After missing the last DIVA Challenge I took me some time today to draw a "Heart Zendala" for DC#353. I am not a big heart tangle enthusiast, but I had the idea to try a heart shape using Margaret Bremners tangle "Dansk". I was not really sure if it would be successful, but I am really happy with the result:

I did not tangle so much during the last weeks, so I have only little new tangles to show furthermore.
Here some drawings:

Spiral Rose by Helen Williams ("A little lime")

"Wholly Hollibaugh"

Playing with border tangles on 3Z tiles in preparatin of a 3Z Mosaic class

I had a beautiful Basic Zentangle class with incredible students a week ago. Their enthusiasm and gratefulness were so inspiring for me and spent me a lot of energy for the daily business. I don`t want to bore you with the basic tiles, but look the little Bijou- Phicops.... Aren't they cute?

Yesterday I run a Zentangle creative evening in a local book store in my home town for some Zentangle newbies. I created special tiles which are not the classic basic tiles and it was again inspiring to see the very first tiles grow and look what a beautiful mosaic they created:


  1. I agree with you Simone, it is a beautiful mosaiec your pupils made, congratulations for the students but also for the teacher.
    I like all the tiles you share with us and me too love "wholly Hollibaugh", so your wonderful tile with this new technique is my favorite this week! Wish you succes with the next 3Z mosaïc!

  2. Your Dansk hearts are fabulous. I like your spiral rose... I'm still trying to get the hang of it. I love the creativity of your class tiles.

  3. Inspiring work with your students! And the zendala for the Diva´s is great!

  4. Wow! so much beauty;-) Your Diva hearts are delightful and I just love the mosaic;-)

  5. Deine Arbeiten sind wieder sehr schön geworden! Allen voran Diva in "deinen" Farben, aber auch die Arbeiten der Schüler in deinen Kursen. Sie hatten aber auch eine tolle Lehrerin! Ich habe ebenfalls wieder einige Anregungen aus deinen Tiles gewonnen :-)
    Schönen Sonntag wünscht dir


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