Wednesday, March 28, 2018

DC#357-Paradox, Lonettas TMP#12, Lonettas new tangle Hilgabo and more ice!!

This week I have lots of pictures to show in my post.
First - the DIVA Challenge. The DIVA asked us to create a monotangle of Rick´s Paradox. This is one of my most favorite tangles (this tangle catched my eyes some more than three years ago before I bacame Zentangel addicted..). It is stunningly easy to draw but with such great AAAAHHHH effects ;-). There are loads of possibilites to draw it and to play with Paradox. 
I decided for "fragment tangling" : I drew Paradox as a string for my monotangle:

Monotangle Paradox
Paradox string
Another project of my heart is Lonettas Mosaic Project. She started the 12th  project with this lovely string and gave it the motto : "Blaze of Color"
This is my contribution to TMP#12. I am looking forward to the final Mosaic, which will be published by Annette mid of April.

TMP#12 : Blaze of Color
Last friday I run another Basic Zentangle Class in Dresden. It was my first class with my new technical equipment: A document camera and a projector. I am very happy with this new equipment because I do not need to draw at an easel which was rather difficult sometimes. It is much more fun to draw on real tiles ;-) 

My Zentangle classroom in Dresden last friday... well prepared for a basic lesson..

This zendala tile I started some weeks ago with the coors and the Verve tangle. Then I got stuck with it until I discovered "Dublin" by Chris Titus some day ago. I love Dublin (the City as well ;-)... some later I saw Annettes brand new tangle "Hilgabo" (on the left). I saw it on her blog and immediately liked it. So I found a great completion for this Zendala. Thank you, Chris and Annette!!!

Hilgabo (left) / Verve(middle) / Dublin (right)

Last but not least I show you some photos from our walk last sunday in the "Liebethaler Grund" near Dresden.
The first pictures are taken in an old ruin of a small waterpower station which worked about 100 years ago in this small valley. There are some metallic residues visible vessels with flanges and some screws. The floor is covered with white tiles (!!). And the nature comes back into this ruin and covers alle these things. What a contrast and beautiful motives:

iron screw covered with moss

screw and eyelet under the new plants

iron pipe with flange, look at the floor tiles under the leaves!

Some kilometers later we found another waterpower plant with a small aqueduct.The strong frost during the last weeks created such beautiful icicles and icefalls around the aqueduct- we felt like in the "Lord of the Rings" saga ;-)
I love these little surprises which the nature creates...

I wish all of my blog readers very Happy Easter!!


  1. Love your Paradox! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photo's; I love it when nature takes over. Happy Easter to you too!!!

  2. Ein wunderschönes Paradox-Tangle, herrliche farbige Kacheln und faszinierende Fotos von einzigartigen Motiven! Und die Ostereier sind toll gezeichnet, sogar mit Schattierungen und Farbe. Schöne Osterfeiertage wünscht Margarete

  3. Wunderschöne Arbeit, wunderschöne Bilder und wunderschöne Eier!!!
    Ich wünche dich fröliche Ostern and Spass in ihre Zentanglegruppe.

  4. Martina Pein-SchmidtmannMarch 29, 2018 at 11:35 AM


    was für traumhafte Fotos aus dem "Liebethaler Grund". ... und die Ostereier sind natürlich umwerfend!

    Liebe Grüße + fröhliche Ostern!

  5. What a beautiful post Simone! Your artwork is, as always, stunning. That Paradox tile is brilliant 😍 I love the photographs and that icy aquaduct looks like something out of a fantasy film. Thanks so much for sharing ❤

  6. Paradox in Paradox ... was für eine geniale Idee, liebe Simone! Das Ergenisse ist traumhaft schön!
    Vielen Dank für deinen farbenprächtigen Mosaik-Beitrag und ich freue mich, dass dir Hilgabo gefällt.
    Ein wunderbarer und inspiriender Post!
    Schöne Ostertage in Glasgow! Herzliche Grüße, Annette

  7. I had the same paradoxical idea for my Paradox monotangle tile, Paradox in Paradox. Your document camera set up looks very cool. I wish I were near Dresden so I could pop in and take a class with you. Thanks for sharing your photos. The ice formations are kind of magical looking.

  8. Happy Easter, Simone! I was wondering if you had made Easter eggs again this year. Looks like you've been quite busy elsewhere! I love your signature pink in the center triangle. You are a master at Paradox. I still remember the amazing duotangle with Paradox and Printemps you did, with the gorgeous rounding. (2 years ago? 3?) And your photos are absolutely marvelous. I love it when nature transforms the foibles of man, in small but powerful steps. Congratulations on your document camera and projector! Definitely more fun for teaching!


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