Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thank you for DC#354, DC#355"Verve" and my first Zentangle Workshop

Last week for me was a very special one: The DIVA chose my tangle SIRI for the UMT (use my tangle) challenge.
I felt so happy, when I saw all the beautiful contributions to the challenge - I realized that SIRI might be a bit complex to understand for the very first time, but, nevertheless, every tile with SIRI is a great honour for me.
I would like to say a big THANK YOU ALL!! You made me very happy!
And I found a lot of inspiration for my tangle - how cool is that?

This week the DIVA challenged os to draw a tile with the tangle "Verve" by JJ LaBarbera.
Verve is one of my favourite tangles, so I started immediately on the first tile I had on my desk...
It was a tile which I dyed with an Ecoline Watercolor edge in green - doesn`t it look like a first touch of Spring? The perfs are coloured with Prismacolor pencils.

My first Zentangle day workshop last Saturday

... was a new and great experience for me.
I spent a lot of time with preparation , choosing the tiles, techniques, tangles... It should be interesting and amazing for the class, I wanted to teach a little string theory, organiic tangles and drama tangles, grid based tangles and "crazy" ones, the Renaissance techniques, a bit of color and a lot of tangelation.

I was rather happy with my programme and the students were also.
Look at the beautiful results.
I am impressed, that every tile is so beautiful abd so different.
Wow - I LOVE to be a CZT (even if it is only one day a month...)

Morning coffee before the workshop ;-)

Organic tangles (Flux, Poke Leaf, Poke root) with drama Striping
every student created their own string

tangelations of BALES on Renaissance tiles

Crazy Huggins with Shattuck or so... on Renaissance tiles. Printemps as background

Bijou tile with HURRY and some coloured tangelation 

Coloured tiles (Ecoline watercolor) with a tangelation of Arukas

Indeed, we needed the 6 hours to create these tiles (with some little sketches between).
All participants were happy that afternoon ;-) and me too!
I am sure - I will do it again.

On Sunday we walked in the Saxon Swizerland near Dresden. The temperatures felt like spring, about 13°Celsius. But we could see the residues of the winter days - beautiful frozen waterfalls and icicles on the rocks- just beautiful nature:

behind the ice ;-)


  1. I love the photos of the ice falls. (Nature's sculpture.) I can't believe how much you and your group covered in one day and the finished pieces were lovely. You should be very proud.

  2. Me too am totally wild from the amazing pictures of the ice-falls.
    Beautiful tiles made by your students, you really can be proud and of course your entry for this challenge is just gorgeous!!!

  3. omigosh!that ice is amazing! I love your green Diva tile...a fun deviation from your signature pink;-) Those class tiles are so impressive, a true testament to what a great teacher you are;-)

  4. WOW, that's the only word for you amazing tile!!! And also WOW for the frozen waterfalls.

  5. Love your challenge tile and what beautiful tiles from your students! They had a masterful teacher! Natures beauty always inspires!

  6. Ein wirklich schöner Beitrag zu Lauras Challenge! Und die Teilnehmer des Workshops haben auch tolle Ergebnisse zusammengebracht. Ein Lob der Lehrerin! Wundervoll sind auch die vergänglichen Eiskunstwerke, die die Natur geschaffen hat.

  7. Delicate and Dramatic. These are the 2 words that jump to mind when I look at your post. Your DIVA and the waterfall. Indeed, you can be proud of your students. The work they delivered are fantastic. Well, no wonder, one could argue, they had a great teacher!!!

  8. Tolle Kachel mit Verve und dem Frühlingsgrün! Der Frühling lässt jedoch noch auf sich warten ...
    Die Ergebnisse deiner Workshop-Teilnehmer sind einfach herrlich ... sie hatten eine tolle Lehrerin! Darauf kannst du sehr stolz sein.
    Danke auch für die beeindruckenden Bilder der gefrorenen Wasserfälle ... echte Wunder der Natur!
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Annette

  9. Thank you for the lovely foretaste of spring! I am simply amazed at the fruits of your workshop! You have done an amazing job of teaching your students! I wish I could take your class, and then see the "icefalls"!

  10. Wonderful sets of tiles in this post.

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