Sunday, February 18, 2018

IAST#230, DC#351 and T*A*D calendar

Caused by an influenza, which made me to stay in bed for a while, I have not been tangling for almost two weeks. So I missed some challenges, could not take part to the Valentangles2018 project by Marguerite Samama and I have some empty pages in my T*A*D calendar...
So you can imagine how happy I was during the last days when I started tangling again. I missed it!

This is my newest T*A*D page. I especially loved the Kitchen Table Tangle by Rick Roberts, explaining the "Wholly Hollibaugh" - technique, which was really fun to draw. I decided to colour the several layers with several shades of gray.

My first tangles related to Valentines day with a page of three heart tangles in red.
Thursday, 15th, is my contribution to Adele Brunos IAST#230 challenge.
She chose the heart tangles SKELTER by Debbie Raaen and FUNSIN by YuRuChen in combination with the ZT original tangle Knightsbridge

While watching the decision of 15km Men`s Biatholon I decided to draw a tile for the DIVA Challenge#351 "Heart of a Champion". 
It`s a black Apprentice tile with the official Pyeongchang Logo.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better and that you can show us again your wonderful work. I like all the tiles but my favorites are the pages in your calendar from friday, saturday and sunday. Wholly Hollibaugh looks very cool!!!
    Wish you all the best and send you warm regards from Belgium

  2. Good to see you back, after that nasty flu you (and I) had. Even after it's gone, people stay so very tired for some weeks. Take care!!!
    O ..... your work is gorgeous!

  3. Liebe Simone, schön, dass es dir wieder besser geht und du wieder tangelst! Ich hatte dich und deine Arbeiten schon vernisst. Aber bevor ich dir schreiben konnte, hast du dich zurück gemeldet.
    Dein Kalenderblatt (16.-18.) gefällt mir besonders gut, da vor allem Abeko. Auch KTT sieht sehr interessant aus, muss ich mir dann gleich mal ansehen.
    Alles Gute und frohes Tangeln!


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