Saturday, April 7, 2018

DC#358 "UMT PickPocket " and some Holidays' Impressions with CRM

Last week Tomas Padros published a new tangle on Instagram. I like these complex grid tangles and so I tried it immediately... at this time the tangle was still nameless ;-)
One day later Tomas named his tangle "PickPocket" - yes, I think it is a very suitable name...
These were my first tries:

What a surprise that the DIVA chose Pickpocket this week for her UMT Challenge.
I decided to try PickPocket on a Zendala tile. I started with a round grid and realized that I had started in the wrong direction. What a challenge!! I had a little brain training - the straight lines in the tangle needed to be circles now... After a while I got it and finally this was the result:

Although I like the result I was curious how the tangle will become when I start the right way and all lines meet in the center. So I drew another Zendala :

Isn't it stunning how different the patterns are, depending on the direction of the links?
This was an interesting experience - just unintended ;-). At least I like the "wrong" tile more...

My husband and me spent our  Easter holidays in Glasgow, Scotland.
Why Glasgow? Just easy: We LOVE Scotland and we love Art Deco. And in Glasgow lived and worked the famous Art Deco architect, designer and artist C.R. Mackintosh (CRM) wo designed the beautiful Glasgow Art Deco style together with his wife Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh (MMM)
We visited some very interesting Galleries, Houses and the Willow Tea Rooms (unfortunately one of them was closed because of reconstruction)

I attach only some photos of his work, just as an impression:
stencil for wall paiting
cupboard door


room design as contribution to a design competition
detail from the "House of an Art Lover"

lovely detail in a door - these are MY colors!!

Entrance to the Willow Tea Rooms

Stained Glass detail from the "House of An Art Lover"
Inspired by the beautiful works of these artists I did some tangle tiles during my stay in Glasgow:

This part of a curtain inspired me to try a new tangle, which has no name yet. 
Maybe I will give it a name and draw a deconstruction, but I need some more time to decide if this is really a tangle.. 

In my holidays I had only the pink and rose pencils , back home I needed some different color:


  1. Sehr cool, liebe Simone.

  2. Stunning! A feast for the eyes. You took to Pickpocket so easily, and came up with all the different variations. (I'm still trying to master the pattern!) Congratulations on an outstanding week!


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