Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #101

Joey started this week a challenge with strings of the Roman Numerals. Of course strarting with number one.
The patterns she proposed are CLE , DILLO and FLEAVY - very nice patterns, indeed.
Thank you , Joey, for another interesting challenge!


  1. I love the Renaissance tile and shades! That white charcoal is stunning!

  2. Beautiful! I love how you used the string and the renaissance tile is truly inspiring.

  3. Die Renaissance-Kachel passt wirklich hervorragend zu den Mustern und zum String mit der römischen I. Das hast du wieder ganz toll gezeichnet. Es ist sehr harmonisch geworden.

  4. I love your tile, especially the Renaissance colours. The leaves falling offf the Fleavy down the side.


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