Monday, February 15, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #100

Congratulations with the 100th weekly challenge, dear Joey!
You can be proud to maintain this challenge for such a long time with steady new ideas.

This is my first participation at your challenge, but I have already been watching it for a while...
This was so funny to invite Bijou into your challenge - so I tried to catch the snail... ;-))
I wish you lots of good ideas for the next 100 challenges and many contributions!


  1. Oh I love how you managed to use Bijou's body as the second 0 in the 100! Your tipple is great too, I haven't seen it drawn quite like that before. Is it done with pencil or is it a grey coloured pen?

    1. Thank you! I drew tipple with a grey pen and shaded it with a pencil.Greetings!

  2. Tolle Idee mit dem Bijou-Schneckchen und dem hellen Hintergrund! Gefällt mir sehr.

  3. Great tile Simone! I love your Bijou;-)

  4. Simone, love your tangle.


  5. So sweet how you used Bijou as the circle! The grey pen is fabulous! Thank you for your kind comments, Simone. Sorry I've been absent for a while. I'm so glad to be back, especially to see your blog!

  6. A warm welcome to my challenge Simone! I hope that we will see more of your work! I must try the grey pen and pencil effect with Tipple, it's so effective!
    ~ joey ~


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