Sunday, June 3, 2018

DIVA Challenge #365 and something about my Zentangle classes "black" and "3Z"

DIVA Challenge #365

The task of this DIVA challenge was to create a monotangle of Carol Ohl`s tangle PUF.
This is my contribution, drawn on a renasisance Zendala with a wonky grid as basis.

The tiles for thi DIVA Challenges #363 and #364 I first posted and linked on Instagram.
I created the blogpost later, if you are interseted to read more, look at my blogpost here.

The result of Lonettas Tangle Mosaic Project #13 I posted in a separate post here.

Recently I run two Zentangle classes - Black and 3Z.
I am so happy with the results of my students and I saw them so happy that I want to share with you the results.

Zentangle Black Class:

I prepared three diffrent black tiles for this class.
First as a introduction Rick`s tangelation of Crescent Moon:

Second: The tangle Spoken as string for some different areas to fill.
I showed my students how to use the Zenstone and to draw with black again on white,
I showed some possibilities and variations and they filled the areas in their own way. 

The third tile is an Apprentice tile. We discovered the different white Gelly Rolls (05/08/10)

3Z Mosaic Class

I was curious about this class - I never made such a mosaic before.
First we used a prestrung 3Z tile and filled with Striping and Staric in two colours.
As we had six 3Z tiles we could create a hexagon mosaic.

See some variations of the mosaic: 

The second 3Z is a combination of `Nzeppel, Shattuck, Maryhill, Flukes and Mooka , using the blue Micron 01 and the dark blue Micron PN

Here we combined all 12 tiles to Stars:

And this was our third tile with a "Well" string.

When I see this fotos I am still happy rememberig this class- full of positive energy.
Thank you, ladies!!

The beauty of peonies - Die Pracht der Pfingstrosen 

I wish you all a happy new week and a perfect Summer!


  1. Lovely post with absolutely gorgeous results of you and your students, especially the black ones with Spoken are stunning!!!

  2. So much beautiful work Simone! You clearly are an excellent teacher. I agree with Ria that the Spoken tiles are a stand out 😍

  3. What a happy post and great result from you classes! - and I love Peonies!

  4. Your class mosaics are fabulous. Thank you for sharing all the different ways they can be put together.


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