Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What a beautiful May this year with some holidays and DC363 and 364

This may has flown away...  It was a month full of sun and beautiful days- it felt like summer.
Since my last post we had two long holiday weekends. The first one I spent in bed because of a crazy flu. The second one I was happy enough to spend some days on the beach of the Baltic Sea on the beautiful German Island Rügen. A very good place for recreation, indeed.

I did not tangle as much as I am used to, but I did not miss the DIVA Challenges:

DC#363:  "Laura's Auras"

I drew this tile sitting in the sun in a cosy Beach Chair:

For those of you who do not know how a typical Beach Chair of the Baltic Sea looks like:

This tile I tangleled at the beach as well. It is inspired by a plant which is called Sea Buckthorn (German: Sanddorn). It is a Duotangle of Verdigogh and Tipple ;-)  :

Among many other beauties we hat the possibility to watch a perfect sunrise (before 5 o`clock!)...

---the Sea Bridge of Sellin...

...the miracle of heart tangles... (baby fern)....

....and some huge poppies:

DC#364:  "Remake a Classic"
For this challenge I chose a tile from February,2015. It is one of my very first tangle, before I realized that this is Zentangle. I did not know anything about thie method- I only found a stepout and drew it. I do not know it anymore but I think that I "copied" a tile which I saw in the web.
Last Sunday I drew it again.

Some more tiles and impressions of the last weeks at SimTangle you can read soon in my next post
See you!

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  1. SO Beautiful post, from beginning to end of post
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