Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DIVA Challenge #237 Stencil String

This week`s Challenge by guest Blogger Charlotte Carpentier :
"Use a stencil, dye the paper around and tangle in it..." This is what I understood.
Asking my collegue, she brought me a curve stencil (I do not know if this is the right word - we used it at school in mathematics about 35years ago;-)

As I am a natural scientist by profession I thought this would be the right one for me and this challenge.
I dyed it with watercolour. I used a toothbrush. ;-)
Here is the result:

And this was my stencil:


  1. That is a perfect stencil! Beautiful tile. Thank you so much for participating.

  2. I like this, the shape is lovely and so are the tangles you used.

  3. Great stencil and i love the toothbrush color.

  4. Fantastic tile with an interesting stencil! Love it. Greetings Esther

  5. I love the french curve as a string. I was thinking of doing the very same thing until saw the bike gear on my fridge.

  6. Ein absolut tolles Zentangle! Beeindruckend, wieviel die Farbe ausmacht, sie verstärkt enorm den 3D-Effekt und gibt dem Kärtchen eine tolle Dynamik. Und Deine Muster-Auswahl passt perfekt dazu. Ein echtes kleines Kunstwerk!

  7. Wunderschön! Mir gefällt besonders wie Shattuck hier scheinbar einen Schatten wirft.
    Tolle Idee diese Schablone zu verwenden! Ich kenne sie als "Kurvenlineal" aus meiner Schulzeit!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette


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