Freitag, 1. Mai 2020

Walk through my hometown and a new tangle "Egganddart"

Currently we live in a crazy time- the Corona virus has influenced the daily life all over the world and has caused lock- downs.
In Saxony, where I live, we have had some weeks to stay at home (and we have still...), with little exceptions for a walk, for instance.

So we got really new views of our home town and nearby surrounding.
My husband and me spent a holiday week at home- with some walks around our home.

Normally, our hometown Dresden is crowded with lots of tourists and now we have our city only for us. It feels a bit surreal.

During a walk through the historic city of Dresden one Sunday evening we took some photos of our beautiful city.

At the "Georgentor", a part of our castle, I explored a beautiful pattern which fascinated me :

Later I learned that this pattern is a very old Iconic pattern which has been used for ages in the architecture. Here you can see some examples which I found in the web:
The pattern is known as "egg and dart"

At the following days I made some sketches of this pattern and finally I deconstructed it as a tangle.
Here I am going to present you my tangle "EGGANDDART":
Like the original pattern comes in lots of variations the tangle can be varied in many different ways.
I show you some possibilities here:

And finally - this is my step out:

I hope that you like it as I do and wish you a lot of fun while trying it out!
Take care! Stay at home and stay healthy. 
I am looking forward to see some of your interpretations of "Egganddart".

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