Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Zendala Moments #4

During the last weeks I was too busy to tangle as much as I do usually.
I had beautiful holidays instead (see my previous blog post) and prepared my next Zentangle class.

The more I loved to tangle this Zendala for Annettes "Zendala Moments #4". What a lovely string!

Have you seen, that my tangle SiKito which I showed you on my previous post, has been published on Linda Farmers "Tanglepatterns.com" last Friday?
I feel so honored, that my tangle has been implemented into this huge database of tangles which have been created by artists from all over the world!
It is my third tangle on this website!


  1. Wunderschön ist immer das Schwarz combiniert mit ihre Lieblingsfarbe und es macht mich froh auch darin Javik zu entdecken zusammen mit die andere tolle gezeignete Muster!


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