Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sikito again and again... ,Tangle Deck 3 and Fullmoonmosaic

One week ago, my tangle Sikito has been published at (see my latest post).
Only a few days later I found that Adele Bruno chose "Sikito" together with "Edie" by Laurel Davies as tangles for her "It's a String Thing" challenge "IAST#290". WOW!!
This is my contribution:
I hardly can wait for all the others....

Last week I decided to try as much several tiles with Sikito as I have ideas.
I made five tiles. Enough for his week, enough Sikito for the next days ;-)
But I am happy about the variety of Sikito and I had a lot of fun with it.

Sikito "half fragment" as border - combined with Saatin
Sikito on Zendala. The swirls are made with watercolor on a spinner. What a cool string...
Sikito Spring style ;-)
Sikito as fragment in a rectangular grid 
Sikito embedded in MySwing. With Pixioze (M. Bremner
Hanny Nura's Fullmoonmosaic
This afternoon I drew the tile for Hanny Nuras "Fullmoonmosaic" . She chose the tangles "Saatin" (Nadine Roller) and Joki (Kim Aarts).
Both tangles are so lovely. I added a Zengem in the center.

Lynn Mead's Tangle Deck3 - CZT Edition

This week I received my Tangle Deck 3 - CZT Edition, from Lynn Mead, CZT.
She created a deck of 48 cards with tangles by CZT artists from all over the world.
I am proud that Lynn chose my tangle "MySwing" as one of the 48cards!
I was so excited to be part of this project and I am happy to have the result in my hands now:
If you are interested, here is the link to Lynns website.

I wish you a very good start into the new week. Good night!


  1. Oh Simone, these are all beautiful tiles. They show the wonderful variations of Sikita, congratulations. Of course I have a fave and that is the gorgeous blue Zendala!!!

  2. I've only had a tiny play with Sikito but I really like it. It's got potential for SO much variety as you've demonstrated with such style here. All tiles are beautiful, but the swirling Zendala really excites me!

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