Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Zendala Moments #3, DC#387 and Patternator App and Black Class

Zendala Moments #3

This is my contribution to Annette Plage-Loddes "Zendala Moments #3" .
I am a bit late with it. I was very busy during the last weeks and had only little time for tangling "just for fun". I was busy with other creative things like preparation for my next Zentangle class which I will run this Friday in Dresden.
For this Zendala I used fineliners by Faber Castell in Cobalt Green, May Green and Indanthrene Blue.
Shaded with Faber Castell Polychromos and the outside border colored with Ecoline Brush pens.

DIVA Challenge DC#387 : "UMT - HaWy by Holly Atwater CZT"

HaWy was not an easy one- it needed a lot of concentration to draw this tangle, but after two or three failed sketches I got it and this is the result:

The "Patternator" App

By mistake I found a link to the I Phone App "Patternator" - it is a treasure to mix Zentangle Tiles and to create large patterns by combination of single tiles . Look at this, for example:

This is another page I created with the Patternator App. I used a very small Bijou tile with one single pattern of Madama by Marguerite Samara, CZT.

This is the result with Patternator. I LOVE it!!!

Zentangle Black Class

In March, I run a Zentangle Black class. This is a 3Ztile from the class preparation (we drew another one in the class, see below). T tile is very simple, but as mosaic very elegant:

I am waiting for my students in the beautiful class room in the little house called "Menschenreich" in Dresden. All preparation is done and I am looking forward to a beautiful Saturday:

Look at the results of my class. I am proud of my students!
First tile: The first letter of each one's first name. I prepared them with gold on a black tile.
We created embedded letters with white Gelly rolls and added some white with Zenstones. Then we tangled with black on the white...

Second tile: similar technique like the first one. In the center a black/white Zengem.

Mosaic of 3Z tiles. Basic tangle is "Well". We used white Gelly Rolls and added red/ pink Gelly Roll Moonlight.
The Highlightswe created with red/pink charcoal pencils.

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