Tuesday, February 26, 2019

CZTclasses, Zendala Moments#2 and DC#386

Last weekend I run two Zentangle classes with beautiful and very talented students.
Some of them told me before that they are looking forward to the nameplates from class to class and so I have a lot of fun to create them - appropriate to the lessons.
The first class was about Zengems and the second we created Zenbuttons and I teached a bit about fragments
the nameplates with Zengems and fragments 

Ratoon with a Zengem in the center 

a firework of colors - beautiful gems!
Zenbuttons in pink on renaissance tiles
Zenbuttons with letters in the outer circle

The idea of Zenbuttons comes from Marguerite Samama, CZT from the Netherlands. And she had also the idea to create letters as fragments and to play with them around.
Some of you may know that I love the Art Nouveau letters of C.R. Macintosh - I used them for these Zenbuttons. And later I created  large Zenbuttons with alphabets - and YESS- I love them!!

 Zendala Moments#2

This is my Zendala for Anettes "Zendala Moments#2" - What a beautiful string Anette created - simple and elegant in my opinion! I loved the process of tangling this Zendala:

DIVA Challenge#386

This was just the right challenge for me: Finish an abandoned tile ... 
I have DOZENS of them in my little "Box of not yet finished tiles" ... just chose two of them and finished: 
It is so interesting to see tiles finished which I have put away because did not like before ;-)
An it is obvious that nearly every tile has to get the chance to be finished...

Both tiles I finished with the tangle 


  1. I agree with Gudrun, absolutely beautful work, as well from the students as from the teacher, congratulations Simone, a great post!!!
    My faves are the finished Diva tiles.

  2. Oh yes Simone! This is so fun to do! Love how you finished the tiles!

  3. Love the way you finished your diva challenge tiles... Your students work is just lovely!

  4. All lovely! The zendala is beautiful and the Diva tiles are finished in a wonderful way!!!

  5. Hier gibt es wieder so viel Schönes zu bewundern, liebe Simone!
    Dein Zendala für Zendala-Moments ist wunderschön! Schlichte Eleganz mit dem Hauch an Kobaltgrün! Gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Toll sind auch die Ergebnisse deiner Kursteilnehmer ... so schöne Ideen!

  6. Your students did a wonderful job!! Great job on your finished Diva tiles!


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