Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2019

Diva Challenge #384, TMP#16 and Valentangles days 4 to 6

DC#384 Use my tangle "Anthem" by Jody Genovese, CZT

UMT is a very nice opportunity to try a new tangle. Every day wanglers publish new tangles and it is really impossible to try all of them for myself.
So this first Monday of each month we get the surprise which tangle the DIVA chose out of all the beautiful tangles.
Anthem is for me a "stand alone" tangle - looks like interesting minerals. I embedded them in a wave of MySwing:

Tangle Mosaic Project #16

I am happy to hear that Annette has found a companion to run her very interesting Tangle Mosaic Project. Lisette Hofer has created this very interesting Mosaic string with exciting negative spaces to play with.
After drawing my TMP tile I was so curious to see how it will work in a mosaic- so I tried it myself to arrange my tile (copy and paste, mirroring and rotating the tile in a Powerpoint file. It was really fun!
You can see it in one of my next posts, after the official publication of TMP#16 by Annette.
my tile for TMP#16

Valentangles 2019 - days 4,5,6

Day 4 : Make a 3Z puzzle, using the "Love fragment" by Marguerite Samama

I used the "Love fragment" as string and filled it with Mooka, Shattuck and Beeline.

 Day 5 "Tangle an object"

This was a very smooth white stone from a beach of Connemara, Ireland.
I tangled it wit h"Heartswell" by Helen Williams ("Alittlelime")

Day 6 "Wholly-Hollibaugh with hearts"

I used this lovely technique with the tangle "W2" and filled the stripes of W2 with tangles:

Oh wow... I am looking forward to tangle the next days... See you soon!

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2019

Zendala Moments #1 and Valentangles2019

Annette P- (aka Loretta) started her new series of "Zendala Moments". You can find the link to the first session here.
Annette was my class mate during our CZT seminar #23 in Providence. I appreciate her as a friend and as artist and I am happy to attend her beautiful projects "Tangle Mosaic Project" and this new one.

I am not used to draw on prestrung Zendalas and so this is one of my first attempts to do so.

Valentangles 2019

Valentangles2019 is a facebook group which is run by Marguerite Samama CZT. She prepared 14 tasks from February, 1st until Valentines day to create tangles filled with love.
I adore Marguerites work and I am happy to contribute to this group.

These are my first three tiles:

Day 1 : use Marguerites "Love fragment" in a tile 

Day 2: draw "Ratoon" around a heart

Day 3 : "Filling only a small area of the tile"

Dienstag, 29. Januar 2019

DIVA Challenge DC#382-Ratoon

This week we celebrate the new official tangle "Ratoon" by Zentangle HQ.

As if I knew that I drew this Zendala tile with Ratoon at Sunday.

This one I finished today.

I love Ratoon in combination with some color and a Zengem... actually this is a good preparation for my next Zengem Class in February (23th) in Dresden....

If anyone is interested... can find the details on my website