Samstag, 11. Januar 2020

Happy New Year with Alcohol Inks

I wish all my Blog Readers a very happy 2020!!

In my last post I promised to show you some details about my experiences with Alcohol Inks.

Some months ago I realized, that the first producer of alcohol inks in Germany comes from my hometown Dresden.
The name of these inks is "Octopusfluids".
To all of you who are interested to try these amazing ink I attach the link here

I was curious to test what alcohol inks are and if / how they could be combined with Zentangle.

A very interesting and exciting journey begun when I started to play with these inks. I was really blown away by the brilliance. The quality of these inks is excellent!

My very first try of Alcohol Inks by Octopus Fluids at all

There are several techniques to use alcohol inks. I tried a few but there is still so much to explore and to learn. I found lots of tutorials online to use the inks.

The tangling techniques on the inks I discovered myself, with several pens and papers.

Here are some of my works up to now:

"Fuchsia" on Yupo paper...
...tangeled with black permanent pen and gelly roll gold 
I need to mention, that different materials these inks are needed, than for classic Zentangle. 

You need non absorbent surfaces. The most usual paper is called YUPO.
Tangling directly on this materials is possible with Gelly roll pens and permanent markers.

"Fuchsia" and "Berry Juice" and "Gold Rush" on Yupo
... tangled with Identipen 
This one I love to print on Inkjet paper and add some gold and/ or stardust gelly roll on the printed card. It is a lovely gift to use them as postcard or greeting card.

Another possibility is to scan the colored Yupo paper sheets and print them on Inkjet paper with textured surface (similar to watercolor paper). Then you can tangle directly on this surface with the Sakura Micron pens and the other standard materials as charcoal etc.
"Sapphire", "Lagoon" , "Shadow" on Yupo
printed, tangled with black and white

"Bloody Mary", "Fuchsia", Marigold" "Plum" on Yupo
printed on Inkjet paper (textured) tangled with Micron, shaded with pencil and white charcoal

"Berry Juice", "Sapphire" and "Lagoon" on Yupo
scanned, printed on Inkjet paper (textured), tangled with blue, shaded blue and white

"Berry Juice" and "Hot Pink" , a bit "Sunlight" on Yupo
tangled with Identipen directly on the Yupo 

tangled with white gelly 05 and Microperm 01
 I tried other surfaces as well. I was successful with "Stone paper" (watertight)

Here I dripped the inks on stone paper and tangled with Microns

Fabriano Pergamo is also an interesting surface to dye with the alcohol inks:

alcohol inks on Fabriano Pergamo paper. Tangling on the backside. This one  is too busy for me but it is worth another try.

Last, but not least, these are some of my works which are waiting for tangling, possibly....
Unfortunately I have less time than ideas...

I am happy, that I discovered this completely new field of painting.
Unless the standard Zentangle method and drawing will still be my main focus it is very inspiring to go into the brilliant colors from time to time.

I am very grateful to Octopusfluids to support me on this journey.

I will keep you informed ...
Have a good time!

Donnerstag, 26. Dezember 2019

Merry Christmas!

Its been a long time ago that I have had published my last blogpost.

The second half of 2019 was rather hard and busy for me. Besides of my Zentangle classes I did not have a lot of time for tangling- just for fun.
Nevertheless I have some amazing photos to show you today.
I am going to start with my Christmas tiles, as today is the last Christmas holiday.
I hope you all have had a very good. time and enjoyed some good food and drinks and meeting your family and friends.

These are my experiences of the Zentangle Christmas Classes in Dresden.
I had so many students that I needed three separate classes!
This pictures show the prepared material sets for all 27 students:

Look at the great results- I am absolutely proud of my students:

Christmas Cards with black Bijou tiles at the edges which hold a tangled relaxation tile

Relaxagon tiles with TINT by Henrike Bratz and Verdigogh by Zentangle.

Stars of Fabriano Pergamo paper - double sided tangling 
3D stars made of Fabriano Pergamon paper - double sided tangling

Don`t they look happy?

Some days before Christmas I made some Christmas cards for my friends. 
I started with dying of Yupo paper with alcohol inks by "Octopusfluids" from my hometown Dresden.
I am going to write a special post bout these brilliant colors.
I scanned the dyed paper and printed it on artist inkjet paper, wirer I tangled this card:

Freitag, 20. September 2019

I am back again...

This is my first post after three month.

My summer was not as expected, we started beautiful holidays in Norway in July, had some wonderful and very interesting days but in the middle of the holidays I got sick, what caused the holidays to end with a long way home feeling very badly.
Now, after a couple of weeks of recreation, I feel much better now and able to come back to "normal life".

Today I would like to show you some impressions of my tangling work of the last months:

CZT meeting "D-A-CH"

Beginning of June the German speaking CZTs from Germany/ Switzerland/ Austria had a wonderful meeting in Wuppertal. Starting with the idea of a "small meeting of some people" the organization team managed to host about 25 CZTs in a beautiful location and we spent three inspiring, fun and enjoying days together.
We had lots of time to talk each other and had some very inspiring classes.
Of course I can not show all the beautiful moments we had, but maybe some highlights for me (surely I forget some...)

beautiful nameplates created by Heike
I got a tangled cup by Melanie as a gift

birthday card I created inspired by a class by Iris,
I was really very happy to meet my CZT mates

Holidays in Norway

As mentioned before, I enjoyed only the first half of my holidays, but Norway is such a beautiful country - you could not get enough.
I had "only" two Zentangle Moments that time:

A Zendala, inspired by the window of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim and a tangled shell.


Here is the nature tangling: The Saltstraumen is a huge maelstrom which makes these amazing spirals

beautiful light at midnight

Zendala Moments 

This are two Zendala which I made for Annette's (Lonetta's) Zendala Moments.
The Strings and the results of the Zendala Moments you can see on Annettes Blog 

Zendala Moments #8

Zendala Moments #9

Hanny Nuras fullmoon mosaics

We had some full moon phases within the last three month.
I participated in two of them:

Full moon with Poa (tangle by Marion Kreuzweg)


And some more ... 

Garlic Cloves in black and blue
a sketch of Marasu
my tangle "SIKITO" was the focus tangle in "Square one" last week.
I was excited to see so many beautiful versions of this tangle.
This was not as much as I usually do within three months but I am happy about these tiles and happy that I am healthy again.
I wish all my readers a very happy autumn!