Sunday, August 13, 2017

DIVA Challenge #328- "Aloha" and Lonetta`s Mosaic Project TMP#9

Another week with a Guest Blogger on DIVAS Blog... This week Suzanne Fluhr challenged us to create a Monotangle, using her tangle "Aloha".
What a lovely tangle- powerful with high contrast and space for lots of variations...

I had once more the experience of the flow while tangling. I started with a curved line and the first leaves without any idea about the final result. I decided step by step about the next strokes, the colours and the fillings inside.
I felt very relaxed and creative and I love the result!

My second tangle project during the last days was the tile for Annettes Tangle Mosaic Project (TMP#9).
I am absolutely impressed by Annettes Mosaic creations. She gives the string and the rules how to fill them, many tanglers draw and send her the tiles and she creates mosaics by combining them.
The results are amazing and I will not miss any of these wonderful projects.

This time the string is one Cubine fragment to fill.
These are my contributions to TMP#9. The second one is my favourite ;-)

The first one... "quick and dirty" with Bales, Emingle and some Tipple

The second one with "Wells"  as fragment and much more detail work.


  1. These are all gorgeous Simone! Your Aloha tile is so beautifully fluid and I love the contrast with Knightsbridge 😍 The Mosaic pieces are great and I love the second one too. Well is one of my favorite patterns and I love how you filled it. Thanks for all of your lovely inspiration 😍

  2. Dein Tile mit Aloha ist wunderschön und außergewöhnlich. Schön wie die Aloha-Blätter sich aneinanderschmiegen!
    Herzichen Dank für deine Mosaik-Tiles, die beide auf ihre Art wunderbar sind. Das zweite mit Well ist ein wahrer Hingucker!!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette


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