Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

DC#312 - Tea String - and new Tangle PRAA

For the DIVA Challenge I used English Breakfast Tea to create a string - I dripped it on the paper and used the spots as the background for my new tangle "PRAA".

I got the inspiration for PRAA during a walk on the Cornwall Coast Path, on the cliffs along the sea, and there were loads of beautiful blossoms. The shape of one of them reminded me of tangles , the new , fresh lplant, but the dry residues of the last year as well. 
Later in the evening I played with this flowers and found an easy way to deconstruct it as a tangle.I named it PRAA, as our holiday home is situated in the village Praa Sands, directly at the Southwest Coast Path.

Here is a page from my calendar, where I did the first steps with PRAA:

                          And, just in case that anyone will give it a try... here is a stepout for PRAA:

Last, but not least I show you the plant, which inspired me for PRAA:
The German name is "Bärenklau" , in English "hogweed".



  1. Beautiful work Simone! I love your spill tile 😍 Thank you for sharing your pattern. Organics are my favorite and it's going into my journal right now!

  2. Thank's for the step out! I want to try it soon! Great spilling tile!😍

  3. Wow!!!! I love this Praa, thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful tangle and beautiful tile. Thank you for the step out. I love this brand new and easy organic pattern.

  5. Wunderschönes neues Muster, liebe Simone. Das werde ich bestimmt bald ausprobieren, ich liebe Muster solcher Art. Vielen Dank, dass du das Stepout mit uns teilst. Dein Diva-Tile ist auch wieder bezaubernd geworden. Noch viel Spaß im Urlaub.
    Liebe Grüße, Sabine

  6. Beautiful piece, and I love your new tangle!

  7. Perfectly flowered spills! I love your pattern Praa. The plant in your photos reminds me of the one we had in our living room in Switzerland. It was dried out and standing tall and alone in a field. We brought it home and had to unscrew a huge window to get it in as it was too wide to get it through the door.

  8. Ein wahres Meisterstück, liebe Simone! Ich muss es immer wieder anschauen ... es ist ein Traum!
    Dein Neues Muster ist superschön!
    Habe einen schönen Sonntag,
    LG, Annette

  9. I love the color palette of your Diva tile. It's so soft and warm and happy! PRAA works perfectly there. This is a stunning tangle that I've logged into my journal. Hope to use it soon!


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