Friday, April 7, 2017

DC#310: UMT "Frunky" and new calendar pages

My last week was rather busy without much time for tangling. I had a huge backlog on my calendar pages and so I drew the DIVA challenge on my calendar pages this week. Last night I tangeled five days ;-)
First Monday of a month is "UMT-Challenge" (Use My Tangle). The DIVA chose the tangle "FRUNKY" by German CZT Katharina Königsbauer- Kolb. I drew it on April, 3rd , and a tiny piece on April, 4th.

Furthermore I discovered "HORTI" by Ria Mattheussen, which was published on last week. HORTI is inspired by Art Deco. I like it very much , there are many tangelations possible.
You can see it on April, 1st and 2nd:

"Land Girlz" was also new to me, I found it by accident and I do love the very straight and graphic tangles, which create a huge 3D effect.

Also new on tanglepatterns was "Strutz" . It appears very powerful and technical, so I combined it with some pieces of the lovely Printemps. It`s a bit funny, isn`t it?

The last day of March I filled with "Cubz". It was my first try and my grid became not as I intended. I like it more when it is turned:

Yesterday I had a Zentangle Basic Class with some of my colleagues. They were curious to see and to try what Zentangle is and we  had two very inspiring hours.
Finally, I was glad to see them happy about their own results. I love the moment when all tanglers are watching the mosaic of all tiles and appreciate each other`s works. 
I am so proud of them - most of them did not try it before:

After the first tile the ladies asked me to show them how to draw my own tangle "MySwing"
So I changed the lesson plan spontaneosly and drew MySwing. 
I was surprised about the results - and happy to see my tangle living ;-))


  1. Lovely results from the classroom and congrats for the teacher!
    I like your calendar pages with always nice drawings of so many tangles.
    Thank you for giving Horti a try.

  2. Lovely result from the classroom! So nicely drawn Frunky!

  3. Woooooow! Your students' mosaic is awesome! You must be an amazing teacher, too! Your frunky reminds me of big, fat, buzzing bumblebees!

  4. The first Frunky looks like Mooka in the pretty way it flows! Excellent student tiles too!

  5. WOW! Da warst du ja wieder mega fleißig, liebe Simone! Dein Kalender gefällt mir super gut & Danke für die tollen Fotos aus deinem Kurs! Liebe Grüße, Anja

  6. So much inspiration on one page. I love Strutz+Printemps

  7. Dein Kalender wird ein wahrer Schatz, liebe Simone! Jeder Tag ist anders ... wie das wahre Leben! Die Ergebnisse deines Kurses sind wunderbar. Gratuliere! Es fühlt sich für dich bestimmt richtig gut an, nicht wahr?
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  8. Gorgeous all around! I really like your "Strutz". You've inspired me to give it a go. Your class work is really amazing-but of course, your students have a remarkable teacher;-)


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