Tuesday, February 14, 2017

DC#303-Valentangles, IAST#183, Mosaic Project#6,SIRI, Zentangle Calendar

What a lot of issues to talk about today in this post... Hopefully not too boring for you... thank you for visiting my blog and reading about my tangling...

DIVA Challenge #303 - Valentangles

Today is Valentines Day!
Hopefully the last day with Zentangle hearts this year ;-)
But I had a lot of fun drawing heart challenges and heart tangles during the last two weeks.
Enough for now.

This tile I drew as a Valentines gift. The person who received it is worth every single stroke...

I drew two other tiles regarding to Valentines Day. I did not use hearts but roses. I like those tiles a lot, especially the first one:


For her "It`s a String Thing" challenge Adele Bruno chose the theme "Valentines Day" , too.
She gave us a lovely "Amore" string and asked us to draw the tangles Zenith (Zentangle) and Caught by Christine Reyes.
This was my contribution:

Mosaic Project #6 by Annette Plaga Lodde

Last week Annette ("Lonetta") published the results of her 6th Mosaic Project. She prepared a beautiful string for us and she received a lot of beautiful contributions.
HER challenge was now to create a Mosaic of all tiles and she did it. She made such beautiful, stunning Mosaics. 
Here is my own contribution and what she created with only one tile:

And this is ONE of the beautiful Mosaics using all tiles:

You MUST look at them yourselfes - here is a link to her post with all results. 
This is amazing!!

My tangle SIRI has been released on "Tanglepatterns.com" last week!

I could not believe when I realized SIRI on Linda Farmers website last week. 
I drew it only some days before and published it here on my blog. Only some days later I found it published on Lindas website . Can you imagine how happy I was?
The story of SIRI is very nice: I was inspired from Ria Mattheussen`s new tangle Zimba and the pattern SHE was inspired from... (Sounds crazy? It is!)
This is the reason why I called the tangle SIRI (Simone and Ria)
Ria writes such a lovely post about it here on her blog
This is Zimba together with SIRI in perfect harmony:

Last but not least I drew some tangles in my Zentangle Calendar. I publish the pages on this blog on an extra site . Here are the lasttwo pages:
Hearts, of course ...


  1. Such a creative way to spell out I love you! Those flowers are really pretty, and I really like those mosaics!

  2. Die Kacheln mit den Rosen finde ich fantastisch, die sind mir als erstes ins Auge gestochen. Aber auch alles andere ist wunderschön und sehr inspirierend!

  3. You know, Simone, I like your work very much, but my absolute favorite of this week is your Valentine's card with the roses on the tangled background.
    The Mozaïcs of Annette are always amazing and your contribution is gorgeous, when you put these 4 gorgeous drawings together, it can only give a fantastic result!
    Those 3 calendar pages are also wonderful and I am very happy that Zimba and Siri have found a place in your calendar! Thank you for the link.
    Liebe Grüsse aus Belgien

  4. Simone, your artwork is exquisite. I would like to draw the way you do. Love all the hearts and you did very well with each and every one. I know your sweetheart loved the one you gave. Also, that Mosaic project is quite something! I bet that took a long time to draw out. It looks so complicated, but very well done. You have inspired me, thank you.

  5. Wow! There's so much amazing work here. I love it all;-) Your Valentangle is fantastic. I love the way you constructed that heart. Your mosaic piece is a stunner and I love the way you're doing the calendar. You are an inspiration;-)

  6. Love your work and the Mosaic tile is just stunning!

  7. Wow! All your work is lovely! Really like the rose tile! Your calendar pages are inspiring too.

  8. Was für wunderschöne Tiles und Kalenderblätter, liebe Simone! Deine Rosen sind ein Traum! Eine feine Idee!
    Nochmals ein herzlichen Dankeschön für´s Mitmachen bei meinen Tangle-Mosaik-Projekt. Es ist mir immer eine Freude!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  9. I love your Valentangle! I've been practicing Margaret Bremners striped variation.... still can't get the hang of it! All your artwork is fabulous! I love seeing your calendar!


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