Sunday, February 26, 2017

IAST#185 , some more roses and a new calendar page

 Adele Bruno created a very interesting IAST challenge this week:
Three ribbon tangles should be drawn on a grid shaded string.
"Flec" is a new tangle bei Ragged Ray - very nice! , "Wibble" by Shawna Martin has been published on Linda Farmers website this January (beautiful tangle as well) and Edgar by Jody Genovese was completely new to me.
I drew the tangles as string and connected them with auras.

I am still loving the Roses in C.R. Macintosh style, here a copy of a greeting card for a friend. I could not resist to draw them again...

Here is the latest calendar page, found very nice tangles last week, all new to me...
My own challenge ist to draw only tangles which are new to me in my calendar. Sometimes I add small details of an "old" one, but up to now I am learning a new tangle every day. Great experience!

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