Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 days of 3Zs (part two) and Diva Challenge #296- Moowa

Two days ago I posted the first 4 tiles of Zentangles Project "12days of 3Zs" here.
This is the second part with the next 4 tiles.
The series of tiles is a great experience with lots of fun. It is a challenge of 12 days which is posted on the Zentangle-Blog.

The tangles of days 5 to 8 are: Tipple, Molygon, Knightsbridge, Poke Leaf.
The challenge is to tangle black on white 3Z tiles (with one exception: Tipple has to be drawn in brown and coloured with gold) and do add each day the next tangle.

day 5: Tripoli, DivaDance, Shattuck, Marasu and TIPPLE

day 6: Tripoli, DivaDance, Shattuck, Marasu , Tipple and MOLYGON

day 7: Tripoli, DivaDance, Shattuck, Marasu , Tipple, Molygon and KNIGHTSBRIDGE

day 7: Tripoli, DivaDance, Shattuck, Marasu , Tipple, Molygon , Knightsbridge and POKE LEAF

This is a mosaic of the last 4 tiles

And here a mosaic of 6 tiles, which I love so much:

There was not much time left for this week`s DIVA Challenge, but I did not want to miss it because the DIVA chose for this UMT Challenge  the tangle of a German friend Anya Ipsen, who attended the same CZT seminar like I did .
Congratulations, Anya, to your beautiful tangle and to this challenge!!
Moowa is so dynamic and powerful that my first intention was to draw dramatic big waves - so this is what I drew quickly, and with much fun after 8 "serious" tiles without colour:

DC #296 : UMT , MOOWA by Anya Ipsen


  1. Deine 3Z Tiles sind wunderbar geworden. Ich liebe dieses goldene Tipple. Und du hast es tatsächlich geschafft alle vorherigen Muster immer wieder mit aufzugreifen. Dein Moowa ist auch klasse geworden.
    LG Tina

  2. Love your splash of Moowa! And thank you for sharing your 12 Days of 3Z Tiles! They are wonderful to look at! I see something new every time I look. :)

  3. Love those triangular tiles and the Moowa is so pretty, especially with the color.

  4. Wow! These are all so beautiful:-) your 3Z's are so well composed and Moowa...double wow!

  5. Deine Tiles sind eine Augenweide :-)

  6. All your tiles are great, I love the tipple falling thru one section to another section, so cute. :)


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