Saturday, July 23, 2016

Diva Challenge #276 "MovingTangles"

This week the Diva asked us to create a tile from something moving.

As I am on my holiday trip in Scotland, I am in steady movement....
I started to draw this tile on the ferry from Ijmouden (The Netherlands) to Newcastle (England).
This was still in the week of the last Challenge. But I had to stop drawing after some minutes because I got sea sick.
The tile itself moved from England to Scotland and I took it with me all the time, just in case there is a possibility to tangle a little bit.
Two days ago we had a little congestion on a single track road because of roadworks. It gave me 30minutes time to tangle on my knees while very slow movement..
Later I tangled sitting in the cliffs of Neist Point (Isle of Skye) - the movement was around me in the sea. I had to finish because I preferred to watch a mink whale and some porpoises which appeared suddenly...
At least I finished the tile in my cottage, without any movement...

For me this tile has two meanings:
I drew it on the most peaceful place I can imagine- North West Scotland is my paradise! Only nature around and stunning landscapes. In a time where Europe is in excitement about lots of terror attacks I am full of gratitude to be here.
So it is my reference to the last "Peace" challenge and I am full of hope that peace on earth will not be endangered by these incidents.

Furthermore this tile is full of movement- it shows the movement of the sea and all nature around me.
Almost all of the tangles I used, are waves...

If anyone is interested to read more about my journey to Scotland, here is a link to my blog. I am sorry that the text is only in German, if anyone has a special question please give me a hint.

I ask you for jour understanding that I have not the time to comment all of your lovely works! I will continue when I am back home.


  1. Wunderschöne Bilder hast du gemacht!!! Ich verstehe dass du gerne da bist, ich liebe auch viel mehr die Nördliche Länder mit ihre Ruhe und unwarscheinlich schöne Natur. Ich wünsche dich noch ein schöne Zeit auf Skye und auch ab und zu etwas Zeit zum Tanglen. Ihre Kachel für diese Woche gefällt mich gut, schöne Muster und sehr schöne Totalkoncept. Ich bin nicht auf die Seite, weil ich nicht zeignen kann wenn Ich bewege.
    Wenn du wieder zu Hause bist, ist eine reisende Kachel von Belgien angekommen. Liebe Grüsse

  2. Beautiful! I love the story of your travels and movement. I think this tile qualifies perfectly. It also has so much movement within as well.

  3. A lovely tile that has traveled a long way!

  4. Wunder#schöne Kachel. Sie spiegelt wirklich eure Reise wieder. Ich hatte heute endlich wieder Zeit deinen Reiseblog anzuschauen und bin total fasziniert. Herrliche Bilder von einer wunderschönen Landschaft. Deine Beschreibungen sind so toll, dass ich meine, ich sitze selber dort. In dieser Umgebung kann man wirklich Energie und Kraft tanken. Euch noch viel Spaß!


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