Saturday, August 29, 2015

Zendala Dare #107

This week I am together with my husband in West Danmark at the North Sea  in a cute and cosy little cottage.
It is so lovely here and so relaxing. The heathers are blooming. The weather is fine to sit on the terrace in the sun and to draw.
Today I spent some time to tangle for the Zendala Dare Challenge.
This week´s template reminded me to a flower, so I started my first tile with watercolors and tangeled over the colors.
As I was not so happy with the result (too much color?) I started a second attempt. In this tile I used a coloured pencil instead if graphite for shading.
I like this tile more, what do you think?

this is the SECOND tile 

and this is the first one


  1. Tolle Arbeit. Mir gefallen beide Kacheln sehr gut. Dein zweiter Versuch ist dezenter in der Farbgebung und insgesamt filigraner. Die erste Kachel sticht durch ihre kräftige Farbe ins Auge. Auf jeden Fall toll, dass du beide Varianten gepostet hast, obwohl du nicht hundertprozentig zufrieden warst.

  2. I think they are both gorgeous, however the first (purple) one is my favorite. Denmark is such a friendly country, I have been tehre several times and loved it.

  3. Wie verschieden beide Zendalas sind ... und doch sind beide so schön! Jedes hat seine ganz eigene Ausstrahlung! Mir persönlich gefällt das erste ganz besonders. Die dezente Farbgebung untersteicht den Charakter der einzelnen Muster. Ein wunderschönes und sehr harmonisches Zendala!
    Ich wünsche dir noch schöne Tage in Dänemark!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  4. Both are very nice, but the first one is just gorgeous with that gentle color. Great tangles as well. Your little cottage by the sea sounds so inviting!

  5. Both are gorgeous, but I LOVE the first - you are looking at heather and it really has a heather feel!

  6. They are both beautiful, with completely different energies. The first is the most calming to me. (I can almost imagine being by the sea in Denmark with the heather!) I love your use of orbs.The second is energizing for me, like the sea air!

  7. I think both are pretty, but I really love the second tile (the lighter one). It has a lot of energy and movement, but in a soft way. It's interesting that you used 2 of the same tangles in each, but still came up with such different results.

  8. Both are gorgeous and altho they share some of the same tangles, they're used so differently that the results are very different. I like the first one a tiny bit better because it's softer and more complex, but the second one looks a little like pine cones, reminding me how soon it will be fall. Your trip sounds like a little bit of heaven. Enjoy!

  9. Both are beautiful, also the colors are lovely. I like the first one more because the first petals in the center moves a little and its my favorite pattern.


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