Sunday, August 9, 2015

DIVA Challenge # 229 Positive and Negative

This week we had an interesting challenge by guest blogger Sandy Hunter (CZT):
We should shift our focus to the negative space - the white part of the tile. When I started to draw I thought that it might be interesting to intensify this effect with the other extreme and to add some black space.
So I managed it at sunday evening to complete this challenge after a very busy week and weekend...
Thank you Sandy for this interesting challenge and this experience!


  1. Schöne Idee - simpel und trotzdem eindrucksvoll!

  2. Ich finde Deine Kachel wunderschön, ein echtes Kunstwerk! Toll!

  3. Schlicht und elegant! Wieder einmal der Beweis, dass manchmal weniger mehr ist! Toll!


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