Tuesday, January 9, 2018

DIVA Challenge #346 and time for a new tangle calendar

Hello again to all my blog readers!

My best wishes for the New Year to you all!
My special greetings and my results of the amazing 12days of Zentangle project I have published in my last post .

So... let´s start with a new tangling year - I am looking forward to all the creative adventures with you all, during the challenges, with our new calendars and with our CZT classes...

I have been looking forward to the first DIVA Challenge.
We start the year with a Duotangle with Phicops ans Huggins, both original Zentangle tangles.
I haven´t been a big friend of Phicops yet - but I changed my opinion tonight ;-)

The "Tangle A Day" (T*A*D) calendar by Carol Ohl is VERY popular this year , and even though I have been stuck in July in 2017 I decided to give it a new try, and I can proudly say today, at the 9th of January " I am up to date" ;-))

Here are my first three pages:

During my holidays I drew some more tiles, in preparation of my next begginner classes where I tried some variations of the very first tile.

And last but not least a duotangle of the new tangle Toodles with "kissing Mookas"
I drew them with a glass dipping pen and black-blue ink.


  1. Lauter wundervolle Arbeiten! Ganz besonders gut gefällt mir die Kachel für die Diva mit dem plastischen Phicops und dem antik anmutenden Huggins. Und die verspielten Kalenderblätter sind einfach herrlich!

  2. Wow, so much new beautiful work... I wish you succes with your class but I know, they have luck to have you as a teacher.
    My favorite tile is the first one for the Diva, gorgeous Phicops!!!

  3. You did much and beautiful work. Your diva tile is gourgous!

  4. All of your work is so lovely! So fun to see your tangle a day... I am behind with mine! :)

  5. Marvelous DIVA tile! Perfect in every way: design, drawing, colors and details. Well done, Simone.

  6. Wow your Diva is gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing your other work as well, you have a lovely style!

  7. Wow, all so very beautiful, but let me stick to the Diva tile: I love the way you present Huggins, it has an 'old fashioned' look that I love!!!

  8. What a gorgeous collection of creativity Simone! I absolutely love your calendar! By the way thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card;-)

  9. I love your Diva tile... so crisp and fresh... wonderful colour! I am entranced by your calendar! This is the first year I have bought one... hope you don't mind that I will use yours as guidance and inspiration. Fabulous!!

  10. Wunderschöne kreative Arbeiten, liebe Simone. Am besten gefällt mir das Diva-Tile.


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