Thursday, July 27, 2017

DC#326 - `Nzeppel Monotangle and a beautiful Zentangle day

This week guest blogger Eliza Murphy published the DIVA Challenge.
She asked us to draw monotangles of `Nzeppel which is one of my absolute favourites.

She wrote interesting words about the issue "not fitting in" . I know such situations very well.

I decided for a Zendala tile which I had prepared some weeks ago for another DIVA challenge.
I prepared a string with black tea.
My `Nzeppel on this tile different from the standard tangle, but nevertheless I am sure nobody will say "it does not fit" ;-)

CZT Summit "G2" in Dresden  (much more peaceful than G20)

Last friday I had a beautiful day with a CZT friend from Berlin. Sabrina is the CZT next to me and I am very happy to know her.

She visited me in Dresden and we spent some hours tangling, talking, laughing...and even a little geocaching.  The time hurried...

Some weeks before she asked me to tangle something into a pictrure frame which she sent me.
Of course I used one of my own tangles "Praa" and my special version of the Macintosh- roses.
I like this little piece myself and was very happy to see that Sabrina liked it as well:

What did we do the whole day?

We had the idea to try together the new "transzendig" technique.I decided for "Umble" over "Spoken"
So I prepared the tile with "Spoken":

and added a complete layer of "Umble" on top.

For my opinion this example shows, how this technique does NOT work very well. The black lines are much too havy and the whole tile is too busy and overloaded. Absolutely no transzending ;-(
So... this is my experience of "It does not fit in" .
First I wanted to throw the tile away and did not want to show it, but I think possibly it is helpful to see also some "Nogo" examples ... why not?

Back to some nice tiles:

Sabrina showed me her experiences with tangling on grey tiles - the possibility to highlight with white (like renaissance) but without brown.... the colours are glowing literally on the grey.
And she showed me how to draw beautiful Zengems. I did not draw very much of them before and was curious how it works.
We drew some Zengems and tested some different pens and colours.
Here is one example of our "hard work"

Zengems created with Inktense ink pencils (watercolour ink)

Lateron I tried another tile with Zengems in pink on grey paper

Zengems created with Prismacolour pencils (dry blended)

and the next day I was in the mood to create a multicoloured tile

some perfs with Inktense, some with Prismacolour

Sabrina drew a little MySwing tile for me and I gave her some hints how I draw it in detail.
I am so happy to see this tile , isn`t that lovely?

Last not least I give you a small insight about the creative atmosphere, we call it "creative chaos"..

Finally, after nearly 9 hours, we were tired, but happy. Thank you so much, Sabrina, for that beautiful day! I am looking forward to see you again.

Oh yes, we need to practise taking selfies...


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely day spent with a Zentangle inspired friend (a ZIF?). I have also sought out tanglers in my travels. I had lunch with Alicia Gutierrez Rey in Madrid, dinner with Charlotte Carpentier in San Diego, and Margaret Blank met me in Birmingham, England. Margaret and I finally got to tangling after talking non-stop for 7 hours! You and Sabrina were much more disciplined and have some beautiful work to show for it.

  2. That is a most excellent 'nzeppel😍 Thanks for sharing your ZenFriend day. How fun to be sharing the experience with someone. All of your work is lovely. I really like the Umble/ spoken tile😉

  3. Thanks for this interesting post Simone.
    I like your gems, they look great, especially on those grey paper. Me too, am eperimenting on grey paper and I'm fond of the results.
    This tranzending technique is not so easy as it looks, until now, I haven't tried it yet but it is very nice of you to show us your first one. I always like to see how people make variations on patterns and I like the way you have drawn 'N Zeppel. Absolutely wonderful is your framed word and certainly because your own tangle are in there. Congrats. I like seeing dishes like yours!Mine looks a bit like yours when I'm "busy".

  4. I love your Nzeppel tile and the Praa with the Macintosh-roses. Your gems must be real. There is no way they are not!!!

  5. Your tea stained 'Nzepple is really nice. I do like the look of the work on the gray paper. Your gems are very rich looking. Thanks for sharing your day with us as well.

  6. Lovely Zendala for Diva´s challenge! I want to make some spilling soon! :)

  7. My dear Simönschn!

    I enjoyed this day very much and actually know I'd like to turn back time and repeat, thank you as well!

    I will link this post to my blog, okay?

    I am looking forward to c´visiting you the next time. Hugs,


  8. Such beautiful tiles! I especially like the tangle over the mat in the framed piece.....and the tranzending! Wow! Is there more info on this technique somewhere?


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