Thursday, May 4, 2017

IAST#193 For Lily

Two weeks ago our adored Zentangle friend Lily Moon told us in a moving blogpost about her daughter who is sick with cancer and about the difficult timesshe has to cope with her family.
It makes me so sad and angry to read that a mother has to accept such a hard reality and has no chance to help..
The Zentangle community tries to give her the feeling not to be alone and to give her the strength to cope this situation.
Adele Bruno decided to  dedicate the IAST challenge to Lily this week. She created a lovely string with the first letters of Lilys name and proposed to use some of Lilys tangles.
Thank you, Adele, for this beautiful challenge!

I have never written such thoughts in English and I can only hope that I can express my mind sufficiently.

I drew the tile yesterday and during the whole time my thoughts were with Lily. I drew some black as a symbol for the hard times, but more bright rose colour with hearts as a symbol of  Love ❤️

I used Reel,  Drogon and Lily`s Valentine

In my calendar, I started the new month with Reticula and Fragments...
When I think of the first part of this blogpost it is absolutely unimportant ;-(

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  1. Gorgeous art Simone and a lovely tribute to Lily. Once again, your calendar inspires;-)


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